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MLW Fusion recap: Jacob Fatu fails to dog walk Raven’s crew

Jacob Fatu and the Samoan Swat Team are embroiled in a violent feud with The Calling. The latest chapter of this story took place on episode 179 of MLW Fusion.

The main event showdown was between Fatu and Akira. The death fighter wasn’t afraid of the Samoan Werewolf. Akira bled to earn his success. He claimed that Fatu was handed opportunity due to the Samoan family lineage.

Fatu replied with a taunt to dog walk his ass.

Security ran out to keep the peace. Akira was having none of that and launched with a chair for an aerial attack onto the pile below. That move didn’t slow Fatu down.

After some brawling on the outside, both wrestlers entered the ring, and the match was officially underway. It didn’t last long before The Calling’s goons interfered. Akira scored a nifty counter crucifix pin on Fatu’s attempt at a pop-up Samoan drop. Fatu rebounded with a savate kick. That’s when the intruders rushed the ring. Fatu took them out with a suicide dive. The Calling still had one trick to play. Rickey Shane Page clubbed Fatu from behind with a barbed wire baseball bat. The Calling stood tall to close the show.

Next stop for Fatu and RSP will be a Weapons of Mass Destruction match at Fury Road on September 3.

The Samoan Swat Team rumbled in the opener against The Calling. Lance Anoa’i & Juicy Finau competed in three-way action against Delirious & an unnamed ruffian and the Second Gear Crew’s 1 Called Manders & Matthew Justice. The prize on the line was a tag team title shot.

SST almost secured victory on a flying splash from Lance, but Delirious broke up the pinfall. SGC took control in the end. Manders executed an avalanche powerslam and Justice landed a flying splash to pin Delirious for victory. The Second Gear Crew are coming for tag team gold in MLW.

The middle bout of the evening was a scramble match featuring Willie Mack. Chocolate Thunder faced off against O’Shay Edwards, Ken Broadway, Nolo Kitano, and Love, Doug. Edwards was the standout as a powerhouse, however, Mack took him down on a Tower of Doom. Broadway seized control with a pumphandle maneuver on Kitano. Right as Broadway landed on the mat, Mack had perfect timing for a flying splash to surprise Broadway for the win.

Mack has a date against Alex Kane for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship at Fury Road. It is the summer of Mack, and nobody is stopping him.

On the news tip, MLW revealed the big announcement to work with NJPW. The first step was NJPW sending Kushida to wrestle Tony Deppen at Fury Road.

Episode 179 of MLW Fusion was a blast of action for chaotic fun. The tag team opener was an interesting chess match with all three teams showcasing unique styles. The gas masked man for The Calling was impressive with creative movement. I was expecting that unnamed wrestler to be a throwaway, so his skills came as a pleasant surprise. Willie Mack continued his momentum en route to the world title bout at Fury Road. That scramble match showcased a taste of potential risers. The main event wasn’t really a match at all, but it did build attitude for Fatu’s fight against The Calling. Another neat aspect of this show was the nifty vignettes. Nolo Kitano’s samurai gimmick was cool, and Kushida time traveling image was an amusing nod to Back to the Future.

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