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Giulia puts on a show against Impact & NJPW challengers at Multiverse United 2

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Impact and NJPW shared the stage for their joint show Multiverse United 2: For Whom the Bell Tolls (Aug. 20, 2023) in Philadelphia, PA. The feature attraction for the women’s division was the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship, however, the real draw was Giulia competing in the USA for the first time. The wrestler known as Beautiful Madness put on a show.

Giulia was defending the NJPW Strong title against Deonna Purrazzo, Gisele Shaw, and Momo Kohgo in a four-way. Even though there was no real story behind the contest, this video package explained the characters in the ring.

The crowd was excited for Giulia’s entrance.

This match delivered the goods. It was a genuine four-way with non-stop action. Giulia and Purrazzo had a showdown early. After a stalemate, Giulia blasted a shoulder tackle to knock Purrazzo on her ass. The crowd was eager for more.

Highlights of the match include a butterfly superplex from Giulia.

Shaw executed a Spanish Fly on Purrazzo.

Purrazzo had the champ in deep trouble. The sequence started with a tornado DDT from Momo to Shaw. Giulia popped in for a Saito suplex to Momo. Purrazzo picked her spot for a rapid-fire Gotch piledriver. Giulia kicked out of Purrazzo’s finisher, so the Virtuosa transitioned to an armbar.

Continuing in this same sequence, Shaw snatched Momo for an armbar next to Purrazzo. Shaw and Purrazzo exchanged kicks while still holding their submissions. Those strikes forced both challengers to release their holds and engage in furious fisticuffs.

Shaw got the upper hand on Purrazzo for a backbreaker to DDT combo. The Quintessential Diva planted Momo on a spinebuster. Shaw eyed Giulia for the finish, but the champ ducked Shaw’s running knee strike. Giulia fired back with a single-leg dropkick and closed with a northern lights bomb to win.

The match was over, but the action was not. Momo attacked Giulia. The champ regained control to execute a hammerlock driver to stand tall as the fans shouted her praise in glory.

NJPW shared a post-match promo from Giulia backstage. She is proud of herself for the experience of this big moment. Giulia is not done in the USA or with the Strong title. She’s open to wrestling anybody from any promotion, but only send strong challengers.

This was my first time viewing Giulia in the ring, and she seems like the real deal worthy of the hype. She has a good look, charismatic reactions, exciting moves, and carries herself strong as a champion.

The Multiverse United 2 replay is available for streaming through Fite TV.

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