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Vampiro sends cryptic message to NWA

Vampiro sent a cryptic message to the NWA, and Aron Stevens is not happy about it.

Vampiro issued a warning for NWA 75. It is a pretty stimulating visual.

Here is the inner dialogue as best as I can understand:

Vampiro: I don’t have my meds... The voices are so strong. Please, don’t make me go back. People are really going to get hurt.

NWA 75, BFT, hungry but evil, trying to hide in the darkness. Knox, Murdoch, hmm, interesting. La Rebelion, I hurt you in the darkness, my friends, my brothers in pack. But I’m still kind of confused, because then I get this message about these two clowns, managed by another clown. This isn’t about motivation. This is La Rebelion.

La Rebelion says it’s not happening, because we decide. Not you or the NWA.

Vampiro’s manic energy reminded me of Lucha Underground vibes.

In an effort to decipher Vampiro’s ramblings, he appears to be referring to NWA 75. La Rebelion will defend the NWA World Tag Team Championship against Blunt Force Trauma on Night 1 (August 26). The winner will defend the titles against Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch on Night 2 (August 27). On the horizon may be Yabo The Clown and Ruffo The Clown managed by Insane Clown Posse’s Violent J. All these clowns might be taking Vampiro down a dark road in the world of juggalo fighting. It seems that Vampiro will only deal with the clowns on La Rebelion’s terms.

Aron Stevens had a different take. He thought the clown reference was toward himself and BFT, and he was not happy. Stevens viewed the makeup wearing La Rebelion as vagabonds getting ready for a Halloween party. As manager, Stevens will do whatever it takes to ensure victory for BFT.

Who do you think walks out of NWA 75 holding the tag team championship?

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