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Injury updates on Hijo del Vikingo and Psycho Clown (Updated)

Good news, bad news coming out of AAA Triplemania XXXI Mexico City. The bad news was that Hijo del Vikingo and Psycho Clown needed prompt medical attention. The good news is that both luchadores seem to be okay.

Vikingo was fresh off retaining the AAA Mega Championship when he had trouble breathing backstage. Medical personnel worked with Vikingo to aid in respiratory issues. He was taken away on a stretcher. Sources claim Vikingo suffered from dehydration, and he isn’t expected to miss any dates.

Vikingo was back on his feet later in the evening for post-show interviews. He is open to any challenge for the AAA Mega Championship, but he has an eye on battling Texano Jr., who ranks first in total days with the title at 1,096. Vikingo’s run currently stands at 618 days and counting.

UPDATE: Vikingo has been pulled from bookings in Atlantic City, New Jersey with Game Changer Wrestling this weekend. The cause is listed as “injury”, but there are no specifics to indicate if the move is because of or a precaution related to what happened in Mexico City.

Psycho Clown was taken out on a stretcher after pinning Sam Adonis to win the Guerra de Rivalidades mask versus hair finale. Psycho was on the receiving end of a piledriver, then he sprang up to execute a Spanish Fly for victory. The impact of both those moves appeared to take a toll on his body.

Psycho issued an official statement that the contact affected his neck and lower back. As a result, his leg and foot felt asleep. Psycho consulted with doctors, and he will fulfill his contracted dates.

Psycho was right back to work the following evening. He traveled from Mexico City to Anaheim to compete in a tag match against Sam Adonis on a Six-Brothers Lucha Libre show.

As for Adonis, enjoy a backstage glimpse of doctors cleaning him up from a bloody gash on his forehead suffered at Triplemania.

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