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Kamille passes 800 days holding NWA Women’s World Championship

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Kamille is living up to the moniker of one-time champ as she passes 800 days with the NWA Women’s World Championship. Kamille won the title from Serena Deeb on June 6, 2021, and it has been full steam ahead ever since.

Kamille can add two more title defenses on her résumé if all goes well at NWA 75 on August 26 and August 27. Natalia Markova is next up, even though, she lost fair and square to Kamille at the Crockett Cup event. Billy Corgan granted the Russian a rematch, since he viewed her as the closest to beating Kamille during her reign. That bout is the main event for Night 1.

Kamille is none too pleased at the disrespect, so she is taking matters into her own hands to destroy that argument. Kamille wants the title bout to be anything goes. No rules, no count-outs, no disqualification, no limits. The one-time champ aims to destroy this myth that Markova is on her level.

If Kamille retains the championship, then she will move on to Night 2 to defend the title against the winner of the Mildred Burke Invitational Gauntlet. Official participants include Allysin Kay, The WOAD, Sierra, Taylor Rising, and MJ Jenkins. The unofficial list also includes Ruthie Jay, Samantha Starr, CJ, and Heather Monroe.

Kamille may have an unexpected wrinkle to deal with that could put her championship run in jeopardy. Kenzie Paige is looming with the NWA Women’s World Television Championship. She is racking up defenses in an effort to qualify for the Lucky Seven rule. After seven successful TV title defenses, Kenzie has the option to cash in for a world title shot.

The door was opened for that potential rivalry when Kamille wrestled Kenzie’s sister, Kylie, on the latest episode of NWA Powerrr. Kamille roughed up her smaller opponent in the non-title affair. Kylie gained an advantage when she dodged a spear, and Kamille collided into the ring post. Kylie went to work on Kamille’s shoulder. Kylie got too cocky talking trash, so Kamille rallied with an Alabama slam. Kamille speared Kylie, but that wasn’t good enough for the champ. Kamille wanted to make a statement and speared Kylie a second time to earn the win.

Afterward, Pretty Empowered checked on Kylie in the ring. It seemed like Ella Envy and Roxy were plotting a sneak attack, but Kamille was quicker to the draw for a double spear. Kenzie was outside the ring watching from the shadows with the TV title over her shoulder.

Kenzie is a schemer. And if there is a window of opportunity, she will take it by hook or by crook. An opportunity could very well present itself depending on how violent the ‘anything goes’ stipulation turns out when Kamille battles Markova. That is something to keep an eye on.

The match between Kamille and Kylie starts at 30:57 on episode 122 of NWA Powerrr.

Do you believe Kamille will exit NWA 75 as champion?

NWA 75 will be available for streaming through Fite TV as a bundle or single shows (Night 1, Night 2).

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