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AAA Triplemania XXXI Mexico City recap: Sam Adonis takes the pin in mask vs. hair main event

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The main event of Triplemania XXXI Mexico City (Aug. 12, 2023) was the culmination of the Guerra de Rivalidades tournament. The story arrived with LA Park, Rush, Psycho Clown, and Sam Adonis competing in the mask versus hair finale.

The match immediately paired off into separate rivalries. LA Park and Rush brawled on one side, while Psycho Clown and Adonis brawled on the other side. The rules were first fall to a finish. The man that was pinned would have to pay off the lucha de apuestas.

Rush had a little extra help in referee Tirantes. LA Park scored a roll-up early, but Tirantes stopped his count at 1. When Rush caught LA Park in a roll-up, Tirantes was quick with a fast count. LA Park kicked out and blasted Rush with a back elbow. Tirantes counted to 1 then pulled up claiming a leg injury.

Psycho and Adonis exchanged covers on a Code Red and a Michinoku driver respectively. Adonis kept on the pressure to land a 450 splash, but Rush made the save to break the pin. He wanted the glory of beating LA Park to take the legend’s mask.

Heading into the finish, Rush had LA Park set up in the corner for the Bull’s Horns dropkick finisher. When Rush ran across the ring to pick up steam, he trampled the referee. La Faccion Ingobernable (Bestia del Ring, Dralistico, Preston Vance, Jose The Assistant) ran in to beat up LA Park and Psycho.

The climax came down to a double pin. On one side, LA Park speared Rush. On the other side, Adonis had planted Psycho on a piledriver. When Adonis climbed the corner for an aerial attack, Psycho hit him over the head with a light tube. Psycho sprang up for a Spanish Fly onto a second glass tube. 1, 2, Rush kicked out, Adonis did not. The official result was Psycho pinning Adonis for the win.

After the match, Psycho was unable to enjoy the spoils of war. He was taken out on a stretcher.

Adonis didn’t protest his haircut punishment, but he did frame it as stacked odds taking three luchadores to beat him. Adonis also squeezed in insults for the crowd. He loves Mexico, but he does not love the Mexican people with their fat kids, ugly women, and uncivilized men. Adonis is moving forward to become the face of AAA.

That match was typical AAA chaos, for better and for worse. The intrigue picked up toward the end as the violence escalated. It looked like Adonis took the worst of the lumps. He deserved the spotlight on this evening, even in defeat.

Let’s boogie through the rest of the card.

AAA Mega Championship: Hijo del Vikingo retained. The champ faced off against “Speedball” Mike Bailey, Daga, and Jack Cartwheel in a four-way. The aerial highlights delivered as expected for excitement. Daga went for a sneaky low blow to Vikingo down the stretch. Vikingo kicked out on the cover, then he spiked Daga on a German suplex. Vikingo turned his focus to Cartwheel for a reverse rana, running knees in the corner, and a 630 senton to win. The flow of the match and the finish seems to be setting up a one-on-one rivalry between Daga and Vikingo. They should produce a quality match if given the chance to work solo.

AAA Latin American Championship: QT Marshall wins the vacant title. (Full details here.) QT triumphed over Pentagon Jr., Dralistico, and Texano Jr. Brian Cage was unable to appear do to a medical ailment. The action was all over the place as a true four-way. QT is a crafty one and picked his spot at the perfect time. Pentagon smashed Dralistico on a package piledriver through a wooden board, then QT swooped in to yank off Penta’s mask. QT administered a painful blow to the groin and secured a roll-up for victory. Good for QT. He still has a long way to go though before reaching peak rudo levels of Jeff Jarrett and John Morrison. QT will have to make more promo appearances to ridicule the live crowd before his legend truly starts to grow in Mexico.

Legends Match: Negro Casas defeated Nicho El Millonario (aka original Psicosis). There was practically zero wrestling in this contest. It was a slow brawl with weapons. Argenis and rapper Aczino were there as well to help with the spots. The finish was Casas removing Nicho’s boot to slam his foot onto thumbtacks. Casas rolled La Casita pin to win. Pass on this one.

AAA Reina de Reinas Championship: Flammer won the title from Taya Valkyrie. (Full details here.) Flammer had help from La Hierda and Maravilla. When she kicked out of the Road to Valhalla, Taya followed with a curb stomp. Las Toxicas stopped the ref’s count and hit Taya with a chair. Flammer finished with a hammerlock piledriver. Taya went out in a blaze of glory. From a new yellow hairstyle to gushing blood to passing the torch and the title, she showed why she is La Wera Loca. The championship is in good hands with Flammer. She can work the AAA style well to put on wild title defenses.

Copa Triplemania won by Laredo Kid. The Royal Rumble style field also included Komander, Willie Mack, Dave The Clown, Pagano, Aramis, Mr. Iguana, Murder Clown, Arez, Octagon Jr., Myzteziz, and Niño Hamburguesa. Pagano was attacked on stage by Texano Jr. Pagano tried to light tables on fire, but that didn’t work as intended. The big spot was Texano raising a forklift to shove Pagano down from high above crashing through a stack of tables.

The final came down to Laredo and Kommander. Laredo survived a rope-walking shooting star press to come back for a reverse Spanish Fly to win on a pin. This Copa match was petty darn cool in terms of lucha libre highlights. There was plenty of high-flying throughout.

La Hiedra, Maravilla, & Chik Tormenta defeated Dalys, Lady Shani, & Sexy Star. No DQ rules. Las Toxicas took out Dalys and Sexy Star with double Death Valley Driver’s through a table leaning against the guardrail. Inside the ring, Shani pulled Tormenta off the turnbuckles. Rudo referee Hijo del Tirantes appeared to make a clean count on the pin, and Tormenta kicked out. Shani assumed it was crooked, because Hijo del Tirantes bends the rules often. She slapped the taste out of his mouth, so he responded by clobbering her with a cookie sheet. Tormenta smashed Shani through a table on a DVD to score the winning pin. Afterward, papa Tirantes ran in to whip his son with suspenders and clotheslines.

Also of note, exotico Cassandro was inducted into the AAA Hall of Fame.

The replay for Triplemania XXXI Mexico City is available for streaming through Fite TV as a single show or a bundle with the other two Triplemania events in 2023.

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