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Angelina Love runs out of time challenging for NWA women’s TV title

Angelina Love is a six-time TNA Knockouts champion, but she has yet to taste gold in the NWA. Love had her sights set on the NWA Women’s Television Championship during the latest episode of NWA Powerrr (Aug. 1, 2023).

Kenzie Paige entered as champion. She has held the TV title since becoming the inaugural winner at NWA 312 on April 7. The 6:05 time-limit was in play to honor the classic start time for studio wrestling (Georgia Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, Jim Crockett Promotions).

Paige was savvy in her strategy to waste time. She talked trash for the entire first minute. Love could only score a quick roll-up and shove Paige down to the mat in that span of time. Love smashed Paige’s head into the turnbuckles around the ring, so Paige rolled out to regroup and work the clock. After a little bit of fisticuffs on the outside, both competitors were back in the ring with 2:30 remaining.

Love hit a jawbreaker. Paige shot back with a superkick. Love was dazed and rolled out of the ring to clear her head. She barely beat the ref’s ten-count to continue the match with 1 minute remaining.

Paige aimed to finish with a cutter, but Love shed her off into the ropes. Paige bounced back, and Love unloaded the Botox Injection pump kick.

The champ was down flat on her back. Unfortunately, the challenger was too weary to capitalize for a cover. Paige grabbed onto the ropes to prevent Love from continuing her attack. Paige rolled outside with time running out. Love gave chase to push Paige back into the ring, then Paige would roll across to exit the other side. Rinse and repeat, and that’s how the match ended. Paige was trying to escape again as Love had her foot when time expired for a draw.

Love’s quest for a championship in the NWA continues. As for Paige, this title defense counts in the Lucky 7 rule. After seven successful title defenses, the TV champ is allowed to cash in for a world title shot. By my unofficial count, this result marks number seven for Paige.

The timing couldn’t be any better for Paige with NWA 75 around the corner on August 26 and August 27. Kamille is booked to defend the NWA Women’s World Championship against Natalia Markova in the main event of Night 1. The champion will defend against the Mildred Burke Invitational Gauntlet winner on Night 2. That would be an opportune time for Paige to call her shot after the champion has wrestled two tough matches in two nights. NWA 75 could end with Paige sitting on top of the women’s division as world champion.

Watch the full episode of NWA Powerrr with Kenzie Paige versus Angelina Love for the NWA Women’s Television Championship.

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