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Davey Boy Smith Jr. turns heel by powerslamming 3-foot tall Microman

A shocking turn of events have taken place in MLW. Davey Boy Smith Jr. went heel by powerslamming the beloved Microman, who measures up at 3 feet tall.

The scene started innocently enough with Mister Saint Laurent celebrating Microman Day with the guest of honor. Davey Boy came out to the ring seemingly in a mood to party. No one was expecting it would be a party of pain. Davey Boy shook hands with the mini wonder then promptly kicked the luchador over. The Bulldog followed with the patented powerslam, all with a huge smile on his face.

Smith grabbed Laurent in a menacing manner, then the two embraced with glee. It was all a ruse. MSL was in on the dastardly deed. Davey Boy pressed Microman into the air to toss over the ropes crashing onto Willie Mack and Mane Event.

This swerve came out of left field in that moment. In hindsight, a few hints were there. MSL had clearly been managing Microman as his meal ticket to earning money. MSL was always upset when Microman found new pals to hang with. MSL also approached Smith one week to talk business. The pieces came together for this hilarious heel turn. Bring on rudo Bulldog!

The Davey Boy segment opened the show for episode 172 of MLW Fusion.

What was your reaction to seeing these sinister events unfold?

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