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Sheamus wants a royalty check from Miro

Miro continued reintroducing himself to AEW fans and the company’s roster on Collision last Saturday (July 1). A week after renouncing his three Gs (God, gold, gorgeous wife), the former TNT champion made short work of Anthony Henry in just his second match of the last nine months

During that match, Miro used a move we usually associate with an Irish fella he used to work with. Fans who’ve watched WWE much over the past 10-15 years know it as “The Ten Beats of the Bodhran”.

That’s definitely what the man who made if famous calls it. And after a clip of Miro’s version showed up on his timeline, The Celtic Warrior let the Godless One know he’d like some compensation...

While we imagine this will result in a few gullible tribalists crying “gimmick infringement”, we’re (pretty) sure Miro’s use of the Ten Beats and Sheamus’ reaction are both in good fun. The former Rusev was in Sheamus’ wedding party, for crying out loud. And Miro just named his fellow Nashvillian as one of his best friends in the business during a recent interview.

On the other hand, maybe Miro renounced friendship too...

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