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Dark Order get violent to prove they aren’t a joke at ROH Death Before Dishonor

The Dark Order is tired of being the joke. They’ve grown soft wasting time to help fake friends. Ahem, looking at you Hangman Page. Since the Dark Order lacked the killer instinct, Stu Grayson abandoned them to join the Righteous. It was time for Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, and John Silver to show the world that the Dark Order can get violent.

The Dark Order competed against Vincent, Dutch, and Stu at Death Before Dishonor (July 21, 2023) in a Fight Without Honor. That match type was the most dangerous ROH had to offer. Anything goes, no rules.

The Fight Without Honor started with a bang as Stu tackled Uno through the ropes to crash onto a table.

Silver went toe-to-toe with Dutch in a battle of lumber. Silver went with the trusty 2x4, but Dutch had barbed wire on his wood. Silver took control to grate the barbed wire into Dutch’s head opening wounds to bleed.

Let there be thumb tacks. Dutch planted Silver on a swinging side slam onto the foreign objects.

Back to the tables. Vincent landed a swanton on top of Silver, but the table didn’t break. Stu took flight for a frog splash to finish the job and shatter the table. Inside the ring, Dutch powerbombed Uno onto tacks and Lego pieces. Uno showed heart to kick out and continue the fight.

The big spot of the match came when Stu climbed a tall ladder intent on diving onto Uno through tables, but Uno was quick to his feet to push the ladder over. Stu took a long, hard fall.

The Dark Order executed their teamwork windmill slam on Stu for victory.

The rehabilitation of the Dark Order’s image is complete, at least in ROH. (Dark Order in AEW is still a work in progress.) No longer are they pushovers. Uno, Reynolds, and Silver showed that they will get violent to fight. No mercy, no remorse. This story may not be over just yet. Stu wanted to push the Dark Order to these extremes all along. If the ass-kicking returns as a way of life for the Dark Order, then perhaps the grudge can be squashed to welcome Stu back into the mix.

Check out full results for Death Before Dishonor here.

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