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Teddy Hart arrested, allegedly in possession of ecstasy & steroids


Former MLW wrestler Teddy Hart (real name Edward Annis, grandson of Stu & Helen Hart, nephew of Bret & Owen) has had numerous run-ins with the law over the years, enough that his personal & legal troubles formed the basis of a Peacock documentary series about him.

Evidently, those troubles are ongoing. TMZ was the first to report that Annis was arrested after a traffic stop in Titusville, Florida last Friday (July 14). PWInsider has since obtained a full copy of the police report.

The 43 year old Annis was pulled over around midnight after he was observed driving above the speed limit and running a red light. The police officer smelled an “overbearing odor of burnt marijuana emanating”, and discovered an open medical marijuana canister in the glove compartment and “several pieces of loose leaf marijuana shake” on the car seats. Three different substances found in the vehicle tested as containing MDMA (ecstasy/molly). Two vials labeled Masteron and Testosterone Cypionate (both steroids) were also found.

As Teddy Hart, Annis had just returned to the ring at Team Vision Dojo earlier on Friday night. He was traveling with a woman at the time of his arrest; Annis’ toxic, abusive behavior toward former girlfriends and his ex-wife was one of the topics covered in Peacock’s Dangerous Breed true crime series.

He was charged with possession of MDMA and possession of controlled substance without a prescription — both felonies in Florida. Records indicate he was release without bail and assigned a public defender. No court date is currently set.

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