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QT Marshall goes hardcore in ambulance match victory over Pentagon Jr.

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QT Marshall wanted a shot on the big stage of AAA, and he delivered in a hardcore ambulance match against Pentagon Jr. at Triplemania XXXI Tijuana (July 15, 2023).

The story was set up as QT being a mystery stalker of Pentagon. After experiencing disrespect from Penta, QT made it his mission to humiliate the luchador. QT lived up to his word. Nothing would be more humiliating for Penta than losing to Marshall. QT did just that to win the first-ever ambulance match in AAA. Word is bond.

QT entered decked out in USA flag gear. He was flanked by Aaron Solo, who got involved early with physical interference before being ejected. The weapons of choice were chairs, baking sheets, handcuffs, thumbtacks, and light tubes. QT took batting practice swinging the light tube at Penta’s head.

Both men were bloody by the time they went for the finish. QT and Penta passed through the crowd to get to the ambulance. QT shoved Penta inside, but Penta kicked the door back into QT’s face. Penta leaped out of the ambulance for a Mexican Destroyer on the floor.

The most dangerous spot of the match came atop a pyramid of production crates. Penta lifted QT for a package piledriver, but the grip wasn’t secure when they executed the move crashing through a stack of tables. Thankfully, it appears that neither wrestler sustained serious injury.

When Penta opened the ambulance door, Solo was inside and sprayed him with a fire extinguisher. Solo smashed a light tube over Penta’s head, and QT added a cutter on the floor. QTV loaded Penta into the ambulance and shut the doors for victory.

QT took Penta’s pride in that win, and now he is after Penta’s sponsorships.

AAA posted the final minutes of the ambulance match.

Triplemania XXXI Tijuana will be available for viewing through Fite TV as a single show or a bundle with the other two Triplemania events in 2023.

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