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Kenny Omega loses clean to Hijo del Vikingo in AAA Mega Championship match

Kenny Omega returned to AAA at Triplemania XXXI Tijuana (July 15, 2023) to get back the championship he never lost. Omega was stripped of the AAA Mega Championship due to injury. Hijo del Vikingo won the vacant title and has been in the crosshairs ever since. Omega and Vikingo tangoed in AEW with the Best Bout Machine earning the win. This time, the gold was on the line.

Don Callis vowed to make sure Omega loses the match. The Invisible Hand arrived on stage during introductions for the main event, but he wasn’t so invisible. Omega spotted him right away and exited the ring to kick some ass. AAA authority figure Konnan entered the scene to eject Callis from the premises. Security escorted Callis to the back. The main event of Triplemania XXXI Tijuana proceeded without interference.

Omega operated as The Cleaner. Vikingo frustrated him early with quickness, but Omega is known as the God of Professional Wrestling for a reason. When Vikingo went for a suicide dive, Omega was ready to block it with a knee strike.

Omega turned up the heat by aggressively tossing Vikingo over the barricade onto chairs. He even grabbed a toy to sign as memorabilia and signed Vikingo’s back too. Omega continued his antics by wearing Vikingo’s helmet to deliver a back suplex and a falling headbutt.

Vikingo got in the groove by flipping out of a German suplex to push speedy offense. He took flight for a springboard moonsault to the outside.

Omega came back with snap dragon suplexes. He also countered a headscissors into a powerbomb. Boom! The V-Trigger hit its mark. 1, 2, kick out by Vikingo.

Omega kept on the pressure with a second V-Trigger into the ropes. Vikingo looked to be in serious trouble. His instincts kicked in when Omega lifted him into the One Winged Angel position. Vikingo countered for a hurricanrana pin. Omega kicked out and popped up for his third V-Trigger. Omega hoisted Vikingo up for a super One Winged Angel on the turnbuckles, but Vikingo escaped before execution. Vikingo caught a flying crossbody to counter with a swinging slam. Omega rolled out of the ring after taking a kick. Vikingo followed for a rope-walking cannonball.

The action continued with an outside-in springboard phoenix slash from Vikingo. The next high-flying feat was an inverted 450 splash. Vikingo hooked the pin tight, but Omega kicked out.

Vikingo went for a shooting star press, however, Omega got his knees up to block. Vikingo elbowed out of the One Winged Angel lift, so Omega transitioned to a bridging German suplex. Vikingo kicked out of the pin.

The tide turned in a major way for Vikingo when he was able to connect on an avalanche poison rana.

Vikingo stepped on the gas for running knees in the corner and a 630 senton for victory. Omega failed in his bid to regain the Mega Championship. The torch has been passed in AAA.

For AEW storyline purposes, Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita attacked Kenny Omega after the show went off the air. Callis pointed out how Omega is 0-4 in big matches without the Invisible Hand. Some of that is bull, since Callis interfered in the result. Omega doesn’t have an excuse for this loss to Vikingo. Perhaps Callis has a point about his influence being taken for granted.

Omega and Vikingo put on a good match. I wouldn’t go 5-star epic territory, however, fans of the styles that Omega and Vikingo provide should find it enjoyable. There were some nifty sequences rolling with counters and transitions. Of course, the high flying brought thrills. The story felt more like building up Vikingo rather than protecting Omega. The Cleaner delivered his signature moves, but he was never able to hit the One Winged Angel. Vikingo kept his composure and capitalized when it mattered most to earn the win.

AAA posted the final minutes of the Megacampeonato match.

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