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Rush decides to return to AAA for major Triplemania match

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Rush is back in AAA. At least for one show. Good thing that show happens to be Triplemania XXXI Tijuana.

Rush was previously scheduled to tag with LA Park against Psycho Clown & Sam Adonis in the Guerra de Rivalidades tournament final. The losers would go on to wrestle in mask versus hair at Triplemania XXXI Mexico City. The tournament is the marquee attraction tying the three Triplemania events together this year.

Lucha libre fans had great interest in that match with the hope that it leads to Rush versus LA Park in the lucha de apuestas. That would be the biggest match to be made today on the lucha libre scene. Then, those dreams went up in smoke when Rush announced that he pulled out to become a free agent in Mexico.

Get ready to be hyped again. Rush put out a video proclaiming that he will honor the date to show up for the Guerra de Rivalidades match.

Rush didn’t address any behind the scenes situations. El Toro Blanco responded to LA Park, who made a plea to think it over. LA Park cautioned that this is not the time to bail. The people will think he is a coward and won’t forgive him for this decision.

Rush mocked the idea that he is afraid. Fear doesn’t exist in El Toro Blanco. All the fans want this rivalry, so he will respect their desires. The feud with LA Park is coming to an end. This begins the retirement of LA Park.

Both teams desperately want to lose, so they can have the final war at Triplemania XXXI Mexico City. It’s funny to think that Rush could pull a huge heel move just by trying to win.

The card for Triplemania XXXI Tijuana on July 15 includes:

  • AAA Mega Championship: Hijo del Vikingo (c) vs. Kenny Omega
  • Guerra de Rivalidades: LA Park & Rush vs. Psycho Clown & Sam Adonis (losers advance to mask versus hair finale at Triplemania XXXI Mexico City on Aug. 12)
  • Ambulance Match: Pentagon Jr. vs. QT Marshall
  • Team Chilango vs. Team Baja: Negro Casas, Chessman, Argenis, & Daga with ambassador Azcino vs. Nicho El Millonario, Damian 666, Rey Horus, & Xtreme Tiger with ambassador Brandon Moreno
  • Vengeance Match: Vampiro, Jack Evans, & Aramis vs. Pagano, Bestia 666, & Mecha Wolf
  • Mexico vs. The World: Dalys, Lady Shani, & Sexy Star vs. Kamille, Viva Van, & Natalia Markova
  • Copa Triplemania: Willie Mack, Mr. Iguana, Jack Cartwheel, La Hiedra, Flammer, Myzteziz Jr., Puma King, Niño Hamburguesa, Dinamico, Gringo Loco, Laredo Kid, Taurus, and a surprise luchador

Triplemania XXXI Tijuana will be available for viewing through Fite TV as a single show or a bundle with the other two Triplemania events in 2023.

Are you excited for Rush to return to AAA for the Guerra de Rivalidades match?

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