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Don King revealed as mystery money man in MLW

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The secret identity of the person bankrolling the Bomaye Fight Club in MLW is a mystery no longer. Don King was revealed as the money man at Never Say Never (July 8, 2023). Yes, it’s that same Don King who has promoted boxing world champions, such as Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, and Mike Tyson.

MLW played a video clip of King rallying behind his current client, Alex Kane. The Suplex Assassin was in the main event competing against Alexander Hammerstone for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship.

Don King: I’m the man with the plan at Bomaye. Alex Kane, bring that MLW world heavyweight title back to me tonight live on Fite+. Bomaye! Bomaye!

Kane did just that by dethroning Hammerstone as the new heavyweight champion.

MLW CEO Court Bauer spoke with Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post to explain how this arrangement with Don King came about. The idea began percolating two years ago. Bauer just needed the right wrestler to feature in the storyline. Kane emerged as the man.

Court Bauer: That was the perfect connection. There was no other option on the table that we felt was so organic and would be such a great native of Don King promoting champions from Ali to Tyson to Kane, and we’re like that’s the perfect landing if we can stick the landing.

It was pointed out that the name Bomaye is an homage to the 1974 boxing match between Ali and Foreman known as “Rumble in the Jungle” when the Zaire crowd chanted “Ali, boymaye!” which translates to, “Ali, kill him!”

This isn’t expected to be a one-time appearance from King. MLW has plans to use King as a recurring presence through pre-taped video segments. The ideal scenario would be King live at one of MLW’s special events in due time.

What’s your reaction to Don King being part of MLW?

The Never Say Never replay is available for viewing through the Fite+ package on Fite TV.

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