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WWE announces Asuka will be presented with a new title belt on SmackDown

Since the WWE Draft, fans have been wondering when the company would get around to addressing the fact the Raw Women’s championship currently resides on SmackDown with Asuka while the SmackDown Women’s title is over Rhea Ripley’s shoulder on Raw.

Looks like they’ll deal with part of that problem on the blue show tonight (June 9)... has a more detailed explanation which confirms this will be a new title design presentation, similar to the one held for Undisputed WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns last Friday:

Tonight on SmackDown, Raw Women’s Champion Asuka will have a WWE Women’s Championship Presentation.

The WWE Universe will be waiting with bated breath to see how Asuka reacts and what the new design will look like.

Which is exciting, but still leaves us with lots of questions about how this will work (and therefore reasons to tune in). The most exciting thing, though? No belt swap!

Join us for our coverage tonight and we’ll see what Asuka’s new championship looks like, and is called, and if they tell us anything about Ripley’s belt, or plans for the tag titles, or...

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