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KENTA responds to report he might finally face CM Punk at Forbidden Door

The New Japan star hasn’t changed his tune about a potential battle over the GTS since earlier this week.

AEW’s YouTube

Our “angle alert” senses probably should have been tingling earlier this week when KENTA quote-tweeted someone fantasy booking a match between him & CM Punk to say he didn’t need said match.

For years, the Japanese wrestler’s been publicly pursuing a showdown with Punk over the Go To Sleep — the finisher Punk admits he stole from KENTA. Now, suddenly New Japan’s reigning Strong Openweight champion says he’d only work a match with the returning AEW star if the money was right. And just in time for Forbidden Door!

Sure enough, last night a report hit that AEW and NJPW were discussing KENTA vs. Punk for their crossover show on June 25 in Toronto. That report also found it’s way on to the Bullet Club member’s timeline, and he hasn’t budged in his negotiating stance:

Last year at this time, KENTA was calling out Punk... but the then-injured Chicagoan more or less told him to kick rocks. This year’s already playing out differently on KENTA’s side. So what will Punk say this time? And will we finally see this match in a couple weeks?

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