The Nightly: June 8th, 2023

Hello Nightly!!!

Tonight it’s a double feature, as we take a look at Brother Bear and Home On The Range.

Brother Bear actually was better than I remembered it being. I don’t think it’s anything great or anything, but it’s a decent enough movie, the animation, especially for the Great Spirits scenes are great, and I like how the movies switched aspect ratios when Kenai first transforms into a bear. It has a decent story as well, plus the moose are funny. But the story could have been stronger, and the Phil Collins songs suck, especially when one of them drowns out what should have been the emotional high point scene in the movie where Kenai confessed to Koda about killing Koda’s mom when he was human, and the reason why he’s a bear in the first place. Overall, alright movie.

Home On The Range is a strange movie. First off, main character is voiced by Roseanne. So that takes me out of the movie right off the bat, I have never found her funny, and her character was furiously unfunny in this. I think it wastes a lot of great actors and actresses, including Cuba Gooding Jr, Jennifer Tilly, Judi Demch, Steve Bucemi, among others. So is this movie godawful? Honestly no. The animation is fine, some of the aforementioned actors have a couple of funny lines, and the story is okay. But compared to most of the Disney movies, it’s a serious downgrade. Maybe if it was a TV movie or a direct to video movie, maybe this would have been fine, but this did not work as a theatrical Disney movie. Overall, it is not the worst Disney movie, it’s decent enough and it’s harmless, but there are many other better Disney movies out there.

On to the Nightly.

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