Your Dream Roster (An Idle Game)

Here’s a fun game that I saw elsewhere, and I thought we might enjoy it here.

You are the proud owner of a brand new wrestling federation. You have an angel investor with very deep pockets and very good lawyers. Money is no object, and contracts can be bought out for the right price.

You have unlimited access to talent. Your first order of business is to set up your roster.

So the way the game works is in stages. First stage, men’s roster. But there are rules.

The Rules

  1. You have 12 roster slots.
  2. You will need to name a World Champion, and a secondary title. Do not name a tag-team champion; there will be a tag-team roster. Your secondary belt can be whatever you like (if you wanted a cruiserweight division, for example, that would be okay).
  3. You may bring in up to three managers. Managers do not take up a slot, but must be attached to a specific roster member. A manager may not manage more than three talents (talents meaning across your rosters, so keep that in mind if you’re going to want your manager to have a singles talent and a tag-team, for example).
  4. You may bring in talents from anywhere in the world. Assume your lawyers and benefactor can buy out any contract you want and fly your talents in from anywhere in the world.
  5. Your roster must be made up of living, active talents. If you pick Ric Flair, you get 2023 Flair, not 1983 Flair.

You should present your roster like this (so cut and paste):

World Champion:

Secondary Champion (type):











Once we’ve had some time to do men’s rosters, we’ll do women’s rosters, and then tag teams. Then we’ll see what your dream feds look like!

Have fun!

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