How Reigns Post-Mania Storylines Should Have Been

• Tension builds between Reigns and Usos because of the Usos loss at Mania
• Lashley wins a #1 Contender's match for the Undisputed Title to face him at Crown NoC. Lashley reforms the Hurt Business with MVP, Cedric, Shelton and Omos to even the odds. Hurt Business vs Bloodline feud leads up to Reigns vs Lashley at Night of Champions where Reigns topples Lashley. Another person he beat during his historic Reign. Meanwhile Usos lose to Sami/KO again that night.
• Santos Escobar is built up after Mania as a top star, being featured weekly on SD and beating other top stars. Calls out Reigns for a shot at the Undisputed Championship for MITB. LWO vs Bloodline tension builds towards MITB. Reigns beats Escobar. ✅️ Usos beat Cruz and Wilde.
• Reigns degrades the Usos for not holding the Tag Team Titles. Heyman announces Reigns/Solo vs Sami/KO for Summerslam. Same finish as NoC. Jimmy superkicks Reigns and Solo gets pinned.
• Reigns asks Jimmy if he wants to be the Head of the Table, if he wants to take care of the whole family. Jimmy says he's ready to take the Undisputed title off Reigns and lead the whole family. Reigns says he can't handle the burden, he's not worthy to be the Head of the Family, to pay for all the wives, their children, the elders, etc. Reigns gives him what he wants but if Jimmy loses, he has to fall in line and acknowledge Roman Reigns as the Tribal Chief. All while Jey is by Jimmy's side and Solo is by Reigns' side.
• Jimmy faces Reigns at Extreme Rules (or the September PLE) in Hell in a Cell. Reigns ends the match with a guillotine, Jimmy passing out. We see Jey and Solo by the Cell door. Jey yelling at Roman to stop with Solo holding Jey back watching along as the ref tries to pull Reigns off Jimmy.
• Jimmy acknowledges Reigns on SD with all the elders watching along. Rikishi, Afa and Sika, and others from the Samoan Dynasty. Earlier in the night, AJ Styles earns the right to face Reigns for the Undisputed Championship at the next PLE.
• An OC vs Bloodline feud begins leading to the next PLE in October and Reigns faces Styles beating him with a Phenomenal Forearm counter into a Spear. Toward the end of that match, Solo interferes and Reigns accidentally Spears him. After Reigns pins Styles, Solo recovers and attacks Reigns out of rage and hits the Samoan Spike and yells to end the show.
• SD we see Reigns call out Solo as Reigns and the Usos are in the ring with Heyman. Reigns shoves Solo repeatedly until Jimmy sees enough and Super Kicks Reigns and Solo attacks Reigns as well. Jey tries to break it up and yells at his brothers "why you doing this?!?!?" Etc
• The following week the Usos and Solo come out and speak about Reigns not being a brother. Reigns comes out and starts to get emotional and hugs all 3 Usos. He holds on to them while telling them he loves them and that he's sorry. The Usos embrace Reigns and start consoling him, Reigns says get them. The Usos look confused. Xyon Quinn, Toma Tonga and Broson Reed attack Jimmy, Jey and Solo. They dismantle them as Reigns leaves the ring. The new group of Somoans regroup at the top of the ramp to end the show as they all stare down the Usos.
• The New Bloodline build to a feud with the 3 Usos to Survivor Series. 3 vs 3 Survivor Series elimination match with the Uso Bros vs Quinn, Tonga and Reed. Usos win with Jey being the sole Survivor. Reigns beats Rollins in the Main Event in the Champ vs Champ match.
• The feud reaches the Royal Rumble with a Reigns title defense with Heyman, Quinn, Reed and Tonga in his corner. Sheamus gets a push and faces Reigns for the Undisputed title with Butch and Ridge in his corner. The Bloodline decimates them at ringside during the match, Sheamus misses a Brogue and runs back into a spear for the Reigns win. Reigns celebrates after besting Sheamus in the Main Event. The Usos and Solo come out and surround the ring. Reigns laughs at them saying "We got you outnumbered, whatchu gon do? Let's go!!" Then the music hits "If ya smellllll, what the Rock is cookin'!" The crowd erupts, the Rock runs down to the ring and the Usos slide in and take out the new Bloodline and the Rock slides in and takes out Reigns. The Rock hits a Rock Bottom and his music hits. The Rock and Usos celebrate in the ring to close out the show.
• Reigns calls out the Rock on SD following RR. Telling him to fall in line or stay away like he has been for years.
• The following SD the Rock responds to Reigns. Reigns shows up with his grouo to face him. The Rock tells him it's time for the rightful Head of the Table to take his place and to quit with the fake ass Bloodline he has, when he has the real Bloodline with him, then the Usos and Solo come out. That he's been carrying the Anoa'i Fatu family legacy for years. The Rock challenges Reigns for the Undisputed title along with the Head of the Table thrown at Mania. Reigns loses it and walks out if the ring.
• Reigns calls out the Rock the following week but the Usos and Solo come out. They face the New Bloodline. Jimmy challenges Reigns group for a 4v4 match at Elimination Chamber. The Rock, Usos and Solo vs Reigns, Reed, Quinn and Tonga.
• At the EC PLE, The Rock ends the match with a Rock Bottom to Quinn as Reignd leaves his group and runs up the ramp with Heyman holding his title. The Rock, Usos and Solo celebrate to end the show.
• The feud builds with Reigns and Rock towards Mania. Reigns defeats The Rock at Mania to stay Head of the Table and continue his Historic title Reign.

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