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Kamille closes in on two-year NWA women’s title reign with win at Crockett Cup

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Kamille has carried the NWA Women’s World Championship for close to two years. The landmark date will fall on June 6. First, Kamille had to take care of business to defend the title at the Crockett Cup in Winston-Salem, NC on June 4, 2023.

It would be no easy task. Kamille had to rumble with Natalia Markova. The Russian actually took Kamille to a ten-minute time limit draw last month on NWA Powerrr. And frankly, Kamille was on the verge of tapping out to a submission as the clock reached zero.

NWA Powerrr

Kamille admitted that she underestimated Markova. That would not happen again. The champ had a plan.

That plan was to attack during introductions. Kamille dropkicked Markova off the apron as she was doing the splits.

That strategy worked. Kamille tossed Markova around the ring and brawled outside to dominate early. Markova was fighting to survive with sporadic offense. Kamille focused on crushing her opponent.

Markova eventually found her groove by firing up for a variety of kicking strikes. Kamille came back with a torture rack slam and a wheelbarrow German suplex. When Kamille went for a second wheelbarrow, Markova countered for a bulldog. The Russian knew she needed something special to dethrone the champ, so she uncharacteristically climbed the turnbuckles. That was a mistake. Kamille sprang up for an avalanche German suplex. Markova kicked out on the cover.

Kamille aimed to finish with a spear, but Markova blocked with her knee. The challenger spiked the champion on a double arm DDT. 1, 2, dramatic kick out by Kamille. That one had me on the edge of my seat.

Markova went high-risk again, and this time she landed a flying headscissors. Kamille was wobbled in the corner. Markova charged for her spinning head kick finisher. Kamille may have been playing possum, because she was fully alert to counter with a spear. That move was the winner.

And still, one-time champion Kamille. That victory marked 728 days with the title.


Where does Kamille rank on your list of top women’s champions going today?

Check out full results of the Crockett Cup for Night 1 and Night 2. The PPV replay is available through Fite TV as a bundle or single shows (Night 1, Night 2).

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