The Nightly: June 4th, 2023

Hello Nightly!!!

Tonight it’s a double feature as we take a look at Fantasia 2000 and Dinosaur.

Fantasia 2000 is the sequel to Fantasia. It’s a lot shorter than the first one, and we have celebrity intros by Steve Martin, Bette Midler, Penn & Teller, etc. While it’s not quite as good as the first one, I think this is a very very good movie. The Rhapsody In Blue segment is great, taking on the style of Al Hirschfield. That is one thing I like about this movie, there’s a lot of variety in terms of animation, a lot of them have different styles. The flying whales was phenomenal and the last segment with the anime type sprite was very good as well, this movie has some of the best animation Disney has ever done. While it’s not quite as good as the original, the good segments here are absolutely phenomenally great.

Dinosaur is a bit of a strange movie, as it is a hybrid of CGI characters with live action backgrounds. But this is one of the movies where I actually liked this movie more than I did when I first watched it several years back. It’s not a great movie, it could have used a better story, but this is a solid movie.

On to the Nightly.

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