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NWA Crockett Cup 2023 live results, Night 2: Kamille title fight, tag tournament finale, more!

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The Crockett Cup tag team tournament has whittled down from 24 teams to 8 teams. Night 2 of the event (June 4, 2023) will crown a winner in Winston-Salem, NC. Several title fights are also on the card highlighted by Kamille defending the NWA Women’s World Championship against Natalia Markova. There might even be surprises too, after Ricky Morton turned heel and Vampiro intruded on the main event during Night 1.

Get caught up on the results from Night 1 of the Crockett Cup.

The second evening of the Crockett Cup PPV event starts at 8 pm ET available for streaming through Fite TV as a bundle or single shows (Night 1, Night 2). The free pre-show airs at 7 pm ET on the NWA YouTube channel.

Join us for updates and have fun chatting in the open thread.

Crockett Cup Night 2 results:


NWA United States Tag Team Championship: Country Gentlemen retained in a nine-team gauntlet. Dak Draper & Big Strong Mims eliminated Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus via suplex powerslam combo. Magnum Muscle eliminated Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball Legursky when Draper landed a flying dropkick to pin Legursky. Daisy Kill & Talos eliminated Magnum Muscle via chokeslam from Talos to Draper. Terrell Hughes & Terrence Hughes eliminated Kill & Talos when TNT hit the 3-D on Kill. The Spectaculars were next, but Rolando Freeman was there in place of Rush Freeman. The Spectaculars eliminated D-Von Dudley’s sons via flying elbow drop from Brady Pierce. Jax Dane & Blake Troop eliminated the Spectaculars when Dane crushed Rolando with a hefty lariat. SVGS eliminated AAA luchadores Toxin & Arez via power suplex. AJ Cazana & Anthony Andrews received the champion’s advantage to enter last. The Country Gentlemen eliminated SVGS to win the gauntlet. Troop had a guillotine choke on Andrews. Adorable managed to lift Troop high enough for Cazana to hit a flying clothesline to break the submission and lay out Troop for the pin.

Thrillbilly Silas Mason defeated Dan Maff. Thrillbilly was flanked by Alex Taylor instead of Pollo Del Mar. Hoss fight! Silas blocked Maff’s clothesline with a big boot. Maff loaded up for another clothesline, and Silas blocked it again. Maff went into the ropes for more power, but he ran into the Thrill Ride swinging slam.

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship: Missa Kate & Madi Wrenkowski retained against Angelina Love & Max The Impaler. M95 used quick tags and nifty teamwork doing their best to topple the Impaler, but Max was too strong. The window of opportunity opened when Max charged crashing into the ring post. Love tagged in then missed a pump kick. Kate countered for a head kick to win.

NWA World Women’s Television Championship: Ruthie Jay defeated champion Kenzie Paige via DQ. Kenzie rolled her ankle on a superkick. Kylie Paige ran in for a dropkick on Jay. The referee caught it and called for the disqualification. Kenzie wasn’t actually hurt. It was a fake out to distract the referee for illegal interference. The TV title does not change hands on a DQ.


Crockett Cup quarterfinal: #4 Octagon Jr. & Myzteziz Jr. defeated #21 Yabo The Clown & Ruffo The Clown. Octagon flattened both clowns with a flying corkscrew crossbody. Octagon continued his offensive spark with a rolling cutter to Ruffo and finished with a 450 splash.

Crockett Cup quarterfinal: #3 Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch defeated #6 Ricky Morton & Kerry Morton. Ricky started with a low blow from behind to Murdoch as Kerry distracted the referee. The Mortons continued bending the rules to maintain control. Murdoch was able to crush Kerry with a huge spinebuster for the hot tag. Knox ran wild on the Mortons. Murdoch added a sky high powerbomb to Kerry. Knox and Murdoch decapitated Kerry with a high low combo to win.

Crockett Cup quarterfinal: #2 Tyrus & Chris Adonis defeated #10 Kratos & Odinson. Tyrus buckled his knee running into the corner untouched. Kratos went on the attack with a shoulder tackle and a body slam. The Immortals targeted Tyrus’ knee. Tyrus beefed up for a t-bone suplex then the hot tag to Adonis. The Immortals weathered the storm to double-team the Masterpiece. Kratos tried to attack Tyrus on the outside, but it sounded like he collided into the barricade off screen. When Odinson leaped for a flying attack, Adonis countered for the Masterlock submission to win.

Crockett Cup quarterfinal: #8 Blunt Force Trauma defeated #1 La Rebelion. Aron Stevens and Vampiro were the acting managers. BFT focused on power offense to isolate Bestia 666. The luchador dropkicked BFT into each other for the hot tag to Mecha Wolf. The match broke down after suicide dives from La Rebelion. Stevens rolled into the ring trying to get away from Mecha Wolf. Vampiro was crouched and waiting on the turnbuckles ready to attack, but he was pushed down to the mat. In the chaos, BFT executed a double flatliner on Mecha Wolf to win. The NWA world tag team champions are eliminated.

NWA National Heavyweight Championship: EC3 retained against Thom Latimer. EC3 was given the champion’s choice for his opponent, so he picked his rival. EC3 gave the option to Latimer to be honorable and defend the NWA TV title or be greedy and challenge for the national title. Latimer didn’t hesitate to choose EC3’s belt. Aggressive fisticuffs exploded at the opening bell. Very competitive match. Down the stretch, both men ran the ropes fast and furious ducking clotheslines. EC3 got the upper hand to hammer Latimer over the ropes. EC3 retrieved his title. He took a swing with the foreign object, but Latimer ducked and countered for a suplex onto the apron. EC3 rolled into the ring still holding his championship. The referee confiscated the gold. When Latimer entered through the ropes, EC3 kicked the middle cord into Latimer’s groin. This occurred behind the referee’s back. EC3 finished Latimer with a double underhook piledriver.

Six-way Scramble won by Colby Corino. The second-generation wrestler was a surprise seventh participant. He had been away from the NWA since December. Corino’s opponents were Jarron Fulton, Eric Jackson, PJ Hawx, Gaagz The Gymp, Flip Gordon, and Joe Alonzo. First pin wins. Judais entered with Father James Mitchell to powerbomb toss Gaagz over the ropes onto a pile of bodies below. Judais carried Gaagz to the back. The finish came down to Corino and Flip. It was a back and forth dance with high impact moves. Corino sealed the deal on a jumping DDT. The prize for winning is a future title shot for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship held by Kerry Morton. The champ came out for a staredown with the new #1 contender.

Crockett Cup semifinal: #8 Blunt Force Trauma defeated #4 Octagon Jr. & Myzteziz Jr. BFT used their power to isolate Octagon. Hot tag to Myzteziz. The luchadores worked their high-flying, but Damage kicked out of a frog splash and a shooting star press. I think Carnage disposed of Myzteziz on the apron off camera. Carnage entered the ring as the illegal man to kick Octagon, then BFT finished with the double-team flatliner.

Crockett Cup semifinal: #3 Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch defeated #2 Tyrus & Chris Adonis. Tyrus entered with his knee taped from the injury in the previous round. Adonis started the match. When he was in trouble, Tyrus tagged himself in. Murdoch and Knox immediately targeted the world champ’s knee. Tyrus hit a belly-to-belly suplex on Knox then tagged to Adonis running wild. The Masterpiece smashed a flying shoulder tackle to set up the Masterlock on Knox. Murdoch entered the ring illegally, so Adonis let go and went for the Masterlock on Murdoch. Knox charged for a running crossbody on Adonis as Murdoch ducked out of the way. Murdoch pulled Tyrus off the apron. Adonis was stranded when looking for a tag. Knox and Murdoch clobbered Adonis on a high low combo to win.

Unsanctioned match: Mystery masked man defeated Cyon. This fight came about after the masked man attacked Cyon on Night 1. Cyon was in control until the masked man reversed an Irish whip sending Cyon crashing into a trashcan. The masked man dominated from there. Cyon crawled toward his father to ask for help. Austin Idol turned his back on his son, then he popped Cyon with brass knuckles. Jordan Clearwater ran out to check on Cyon, and Idol punched Clearwater too. The referee stopped the match since Cyon was knocked out and could not continue. The masked man stacked the bodies in the ring, and Idol spit on his son.

Pollo Del Mar spoke about her relationship with Thrillbilly Silas Mason. She blamed his actions on Night 1 as being distracted by EC3’s mind games. She didn’t believe his behavior toward her was personal. Everything is great at home. Commentary wondered if Pollo was in denial.

NWA Women’s World Championship: Kamille retained against Natalia Markova. Kamille controlled with her power for much of the match. Markova rallied with kicks. When the Russian went high-risk on the turnbuckles, Kamille popped up for an avalanche German suplex. Markova kicked out. Kamille charged for a spear, but Markova blocked with a knee. The challenger hit a double arm DDT for the dramatic kick out by the champ. Markova had her eye on the spinning kick finisher in the corner. As she ran to pick up speed, Kamille exploded for a spear to win.

Crockett Cup final: #3 Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch defeated #8 Blunt Force Trauma. BFT isolated Knox. Hot tag to Murdoch. DDT to Carnage, but Damage broke the pin. Ref bump! Murdoch sandwiched the referee on a running splash in the corner. Murdoch planted Carnage on a pilediver, but the ref was out so no count. Aron Stevens walloped Murdoch with a loaded punch. The BFT manager placed Carnage on top of Murdoch and revived the referee. Murdoch made the dramatic kick out. Knox reentered the ring for the high low combo with Murdoch to pin Carnage.

The Crockett Cup trophy celebration closed the show.

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