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EC3 ruined a loving relationship to retain the NWA National Heavyweight Championship

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EC3 is a master of psychology. He knows exactly how to needle opponents and have it pay off in his favor. That was exactly the case when defending the NWA National Heavyweight Championship against Thrillbilly Silas Mason at Night 1 of the Crockett Cup.

In the lead up to the big match, EC3 warned that Pollo Del Mar would break Silas’ heart. That’s the card EC3 played when wrestling Thrillbilly.

Silas started strong. Every time he picked up momentum in the early going, EC3 would roll out of the ring to regroup. Eventually, Silas gave chase. EC3 hid behind Pollo to use as a shield for an eye poke. That led to a back body drop from EC3 on the concrete floor.

EC3 was in total control, but his focus was more on mind games than going for pins. The Overman would taunt Silas and shout at Pollo. Silas rallied with a swinging slam on the apron. Pollo pep-talked Thrillbilly to fire up with aggression bringing the fight to EC3. The champ was able to weather the storm and dodge a corner attack. EC3 grabbed Silas’ head for a headlock driver. Silas stood firm and countered for a back suplex. EC3 baited Silas into the ropes and pounced for the headlock driver. 1, 2, kick out by the challenger.

EC3 disrespectfully grated boots to the face of Silas. It was one boot too many though. Thrillbilly caught EC3 to counter for a powerbomb. The action carried into the corner. As the referee tried to separate the wrestlers, EC3 kicked a low blow. Rather than go for the pin, EC3 rolled outside to retrieve his title belt. EC3 eyed Pollo, and a devious smile crept across his face.


EC3 entered the ring with the foreign object, so Pollo grabbed it to save her man. Silas charged with force, EC3 ducked, and Pollo was booted off the apron. Pollo was out cold. Silas muttered the F word to himself. EC3 took advantage of the situation for a roll-up to win. EC3’s plan was executed to perfection.

After the match, Pollo was still unconscious. Silas looked down at her body, then he coldly stepped over her on his way to the back alone. Drama swerve!


Ooh, spicy. Earlier in the week, EC3 made an offer to be allies with Silas to help the Overman on his journey to win the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Silas emphatically declined by answering with a kiss and the Thrill Ride airplane side slam. As this match played out, EC3 was able to manipulate Pollo into a precarious position. In my mind, it was clear EC3 plotted this, because he keep his head on a swivel knowing Silas would attack with the big boot. Now, we have Silas doubting his love for Pollo. There is plenty of drama available for the NWA to work.

EC3 chimed in on his win. He warned that women weaken knees. EC3 claimed to be the king of retention. He chastised Silas’ choice to take the match rather than join forces.

What was your reaction to how the EC3 title match played out?

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