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Vampiro makes surprise appearance in main event at Night 1 of NWA Crockett Cup

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Something smelled fishy in the land of the National Wrestling Alliance for the main event of Night 1 in the Crockett Cup.

The #1 seeded La Rebelion were scheduled to compete against the #16 team of Flip Gordon and Fodder. Gordon and Fodder earned their way into the second round by defeating Dan Maff and Shawn Donovan earlier in the evening. The NWA world tag team champions were sitting pretty with a bye.

Right as the main event approached, news broke that Fodder suffered a leg injury and was unable to compete. Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf demanded a count-out victory. Not so fast, my friends. Flip wasn’t going out like that. He was ready to wrestle solo against the odds.

Surely, this situation would be a setup for a major star to plug in as Flip’s partner, right? Well, a major star did show up, but it didn’t play out as expected.

Gordon fought valiantly, but he wasn’t able to hang with the tag champs. Flip dug deep to escape a double superplex and counter for a flying double blockbuster. That’s when Fodder limped out to the ring. The injured partner tagged in, but he wasn’t very effective. Angelina Love brought the kendo stick for her main squeeze. Fodder whacked away at La Rebelion. The referee confiscated the foreign object and focused on ejecting Love.

Dun, dun, dun.


Vampiro entered the ring as a massive surprise. He superkicked Fodder and chokeslammed Gordon. Vampiro directed traffic for Mecha Wolf to land a frog splash on Gordon to win.


Woah, what?!? I thought Ricky Morton turning heel was shocking. The surprise appearance from Vampiro is an even bigger swerve. It was clear that the NWA wanted to end the show on a controversial note to get fans talking about the event heading into Night 2. Mission accomplished.

I respect NWA paying consistency to AAA storytelling. La Rebelion are rivals with Vampiro in AAA, and they were clearly not expecting any help from him in the NWA. Bestia and Mecha Wolf eyed Vampiro with distrust. Vamp has some explaining to do, and I’m eager to hear it. Well played, NWA.

Quarterfinal matchups for Night 2 of the Crockett Cup include:

  • #1 La Rebelion vs. #8 Blunt Force Trauma
  • #4 Octagon Jr. & Myzteziz Jr. vs. #21 Yabo The Clown & Ruffo The Clown
  • #2 Tyrus & Chris Adonis vs. #10 Kratos & Odinson
  • #3 Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch vs. #6 Ricky Morton & Kerry Morton

Get caught up with results from Night 1 of the Crockett Cup (here). The Crockett Cup PPV is available for streaming through Fite TV as a bundle or single shows (Night 1, Night 2).

Does the surprise appearance from Vampiro earn your interest in the NWA?

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