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Ricky Morton turns heel!

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Have a seat. There is shocking news to report. Ricky Morton has turned heel in the NWA.

Ricky Morton tagged with Kerry Morton in Night 1 of the Crockett Cup tournament against the AAA duo Arez and Toxin. Kerry handled the ring work. As the match progressed, so did his confidence. Kerry was outright cocky at times. There have been strong hints of arrogance from Kerry holding the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship, and Ricky warned his son not too get to big for his britches. That advice appeared to fall on deaf ears.

Kerry struck Arez with his knee strike finisher, but he didn’t even bother going for the pin. Kerry exited the ring to grab his title belt. He shouted at commentary that the champ will do what the champ wants to do. Kerry entered the ring with bad intentions. Ricky couldn’t go for that. No can do. Father snatched the foreign object from his son’s hands. Shenanigans averted for now.

Later in the match, Kerry hit his knee strike again on Arez. He also went for the title belt again instead of the pin. Ricky grabbed it back, just like before. The referee tried to regain control with Kerry and Toxin in the corner. Ricky was twice as nice by offering a helping hand to Arez. As Arez rose to his feet, Ricky clobbered him with the belt. Heel turn!

Kerry made the quick pin to win. The Mortons advanced to the quarterfinals of the Crockett Cup tournament.


Ricky had a strut in his step after the match. Kyle Davis inquired about the mind-boggling actions. Ricky explained that the scars on his head aren’t just decoration. Those moments paved the way to build the wrestling business. In return, he gets spit on. The hell with it. The Mortons are walking.

Backstage, Kerry said even he was surprised about his father’s actions.

That was a shocking swerve. I never would have expected Ricky Morton to turn rogue in the twilight of his career. If anything, I thought Ricky would eventually knock some sense into his snot-nosed punk of a son. On the plus side, this storytelling certainly breathes instant curiosity into the future of the Mortons.

The Mortons will clash with formidable foes Mike Knox and Trevor Murdoch in the quarterfinals on Night 2 of the Crockett Cup tournament Sunday, June 4.

What was your reaction to Ricky Morton turning heel?

Get caught up with results from Night 1 of the Crockett Cup (here). The Crockett Cup PPV is available for streaming through Fite TV as a bundle or single shows (Night 1, Night 2).

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