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NWA Crockett Cup 2023 PPV live results: Night 1 with EC3 title match & 24-team tournament

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Crockett Cup weekend is here. The NWA is holding the prestigious tag team tournament over a two-night event on June 3 and June 4 in Winston-Salem, NC. Night 1 will feature 24 teams will battling it out to advance in the tournament and EC3 defending the NWA National Heavyweight Championship against Thrillbilly Silas Mason.

The Crockett Cup PPV event starts at 8 pm ET available for streaming through Fite TV as a bundle or single shows (Night 1, Night 2). The free pre-show airs at 6:30 pm ET on the NWA YouTube channel.

Join us for updates and have fun chatting in the open thread.

Crockett Cup Night 1 results:

Fan fest dark matches

Crockett Cup first round: #14 Dak Draper & Big Strong Mims defeated #19 Rush Freeman & Brady Pierce. Magnum Muscle advances to wrestle #3 Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch.

Crockett Cup qualifier: The Outrunners defeated Daisy Kill & Talos, Sal The Pal & Gaagz The Gimp, and Jeremiah Plunkett & Eric Jackson. Four-way elimination style that came down to Plunkett & Jackson and the Outrunners. Plunkett hit a double DDT, then Plunkett and Jackson ran back and forth for running corner attacks. Turbo Floyd was able to chop block Plunkett. The Outrunners seized the moment for a powerslam neckbreaker on Jackson to win. The Outrunners earned the #24 seed.

Crockett Cup first round: #15 Judais & Max The Impaler defeated #18 Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus. Judais chokeslammed Collins to win. Judais & Max advance to wrestle #2 Tyrus & Chris Adonis.


Crockett Cup first round: #16 Flip Gordon & Fodder defeated #17 Dan Maff & Shawn Donovan. Hot tag to Gordon. Flip hit a flying dropkick to knock powerhouse Maff out of the ring. Gordon landed a springboard moonsault to pin Donovan. Gordon & Fodder advance to wrestle #1 Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf.

Crockett Cup first round: #13 Jax Dane & Blake Troop defeated #20 Terrell Hughes & Terrence Hughes. TNT had momentum and called for the 3-D to honor their father, D-Von Dudley. Manager Chris Silvio distracted the referee to miss the legal tag. When the referee tried to escort one half of TNT out of the ring, Dane trucked a clothesline. Troop applied a figure-four for victory. SVGS advance to wrestle #4 Myzteziz Jr. & Octagon Jr.

Crockett Cup first round: #21 Yabo The Clown & Ruffo The Clown defeated #12 Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball Legursky. The Fixers smashed the clowns before the bell and dominated the entire match until an unfortunate injury. Bradley tweaked his knee leaping over Ruffo. Wrecking Ball came in to lift Ruffo in a fireman’s carry. Yabo took flight for a dropkick to knock Legursky over. On the crash, Ruffo was able to secure a crucifix pin to win in the first upset of the evening. The Brothers of Funstruction advance to wrestle #5 Thom Latimer & Rhett Titus.

Crockett Cup first round: #11 Toxin & Arez defeated #22 Elliott Russell & Matt Sigmon. The Heatseekers lined up their finishing combo with a powerslam on Arez, but Sigmon missed the flying headbutt. The AAA luchadores sparked offense with flying attacks onto Russell on the outside. Arez connected on a flying double stomp to Sigmon. The king of strange style executed a bridging northern lights suplex for victory. Arez & Toxin advance to wrestle #6 Ricky Morton & Kerry Morton.

Crockett Cup first round: #10 Kratos & Odinson defeated #23 Magic Jake Dumas & Brian Brock. Kratos set up the KTG on Brock. Dumas entered for the save, but Odinson tackled him into oblivion. Kratos was free and clear for the full nelson DDT. The Immortals advance to wrestle #7 AJ Cazana & Anthony Andrews.

Crockett Cup first round: #24 The Outrunners defeated #9 Cyon & Jordan Clearwater. Truth Magnum and Turbo Floyd used savvy teamwork to isolate Clearwater. When Clearwater was close to tagging out, a mysterious masked man pulled Cyon off the apron. The Outrunners finished the job on Clearwater with a powerslam neckbreaker. After the match, the intruder pummeled Cyon. Austin Idol stood idly by when his son was getting wrecked, then Idol walked away as Cyon was writhing in pain on the floor. The Outrunners advance to wrestle #8 Blunt Force Trauma.


Crockett Cup second round: #8 Blunt Force Trauma defeated #24 The Outrunners. Truth Magnum and Turbo Floyd got the shaft being called for back-to-back matches. BFT isolated Magnum. Hot tag to Turbo running wild. He sized Carnage up for a lariat, but Damage grabbed his foot on the outside. Carnage struck with a dropkick. BFT finished Turbo with a double-team flatliner.

Crockett Cup second round: #10 Kratos & Odinson defeated #7 AJ Cazana & Anthony Andrews. Hoss smashing all around. Odinson was the game-changer. He took out Cazana with a huge shoulder tackle then tagged in Kratos for the KTG DDT to pin Andrews. The NWA US tag team champions are eliminated.

Joe Alonzo defeated Alex Taylor. The winner earns the right to enter the junior heavyweight scramble on Night 2. (The scramble winner earns a title shot at NWA junior heavyweight champion Kerry Morton at a later date.) Despite entering with a tender shoulder, Taylor was on fire early. Jamie Stanley illegally intervened to slam Taylor’s shoulder into the ring post. Alonzo took control until Taylor rallied. Stanley once again interfered to hook Taylor’s foot. Alonzo connected on a superkick and a rolling cutter. Taylor kicked out at 2.99 seconds, so Alonzo finished with an armbar.

Crockett Cup second round: #6 Ricky Morton & Kerry Morton defeated #11 Toxin & Arez. Kerry did most of the work for his team and got increasingly cocky as the match wore on. He hit his knee strike finisher on Arez but didn’t go for the cover. Instead, Kerry grabbed his junior heavyweight title belt with intent to smash Arez. Ricky snatched the strap to keep it fair. The match progressed with Arez and Kerry tussling. Kerry hit his knee strike finisher one more time and again didn’t go for the pin. He grabbed the title, and Ricky took it away. As the referee tried to restore order with his back turned, Ricky blasted Arez. Heel turn! Kerry made the cover to win. Ricky explained that he paved the way in wrestling only to be spit on. To hell with that. (Full details here.)

Crockett Cup second round: #21 Yabo The Clown & Ruffo The Clown defeated #5 Thom Latimer & Rhett Titus. Latimer and Titus showed why they are A Cut Above by dominating the clowns. Latimer hit a moonsault onto both clowns. Tag to Titus running wild. Titus executed a hammerlock spinning slam to Yabo. When Titus picked up Ruffo for a body slam, Yabo rolled under to trip Titus. Ruffo landed on top for the pin to win. Upset city, baby!

Afterward, Kamille came to the ring. She told her husband to focus on getting a title shot against Tyrus. She believes that Latimer will become the world champion. Kamille respects Tyrus for all he does for the NWA, but he’s usually sitting with the belt on his shoulder. Meanwhile, Kamille is the workhorse champion. Everybody knows that she is the real main event of the NWA. Kamille will defend against Natalia Markova on Night 2 of the Crockett Cup. She underestimated Markova last time. That won’t happen again. Kamille will remain one-time NWA women’s world champion.

Crockett Cup second round: #4 Myzteziz Jr. & Octagon Jr. defeated #13 Jax Dane & Blake Troop. The power of the SVGS were too much to handle early. Myzteziz turned the tide with flipping and flying. He hit a corkscrew crossbody on Troop, and Octagon landed a split-legged moonsault on Troop as well. Dane made the save on the pin then unloaded a hefty clothesline on Octagon. Myzteziz dropkicked Dane out of the ring. Troop applied a figure-four to Octagon, so Myzteziz made the save for a springboard 450 splash. Myzteziz cruised for a suicide dive onto Dane and manager Chris Silvio, while Octagon pinned Troop to win.

Hardcore Team War: Samantha Starr, Ruthie Jay, Missa Kate, & Madi Wrenkowski defeated Kenzie Paige, Ella Envy, Roxy, & Kylie Paige. Jay was an injury replacement for La Rosa Negra, who is recovering from a car accident. Commentary said she is doing okay. Baby Doll was ringside to support her daughter. This match was wild with chairs, hockey sticks, billy clubs, white powder, and more. The format was one-on-one elimination style. The finish came down to Starr and Envy. Starr wrapped her fist with a chain, and Baby Doll passed her a coal miner’s glove. The loaded punch to Envy won the entertaining match.

Crockett Cup second round: #3 Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch defeated #14 Dak Draper & Big Strong Mims. Magnum Muscle put up a fight, but the Wrecking Crew Combination were too tough. Murdoch low bridged Draper out of the ring, then Captain Badass and the Outlaw executed Mims on a high low crushing combo.

Crockett Cup second round: #2 Tyrus & Chris Adonis defeated #15 Judais & Max The Impaler. Max was the highlight of the match. Max growled at Tyrus. He wanted no part of the Impaler and immediately tagged out. Max clubbed Adonis with clotheslines to gain control. Max and Judais worked quick tags to wear down Adonis. After a double clothesline knocked both Adonis and Judais down to the mat, the Masterpiece made the hot tag to Tyrus. The world champ steamrolled Judais and kissed Max. When Tyrus went to pin Judais, Max entered the ring for the save. The referee tried to restore order, and Max shoved him. The ref ruled a DQ victory for the Midnight Riders.

Natalia Markova doesn’t dwell on the past. She sets goals and crushes them. Markova will prove it in the ring against Kamille.

NWA National Heavyweight Championship: EC3 retained against Thrillbilly Silas Mason. EC3 hit the headlock driver. Instead of going for the win, he went outside to pick up his title belt with intent on using it. Pollo Del Mar grabbed the title to protect her man. Silas charged for a big boot and accidentally clobbered Pollo. Silas was in shock. EC3 scored a roll-up to win. Afterward, Silas looked down at Pollo then stepped over her limp body to walk to the back alone. (Full details here.)

Crockett Cup second round: #1 Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf defeated #16 Flip Gordon & Fodder. Fodder was injured, so Flip fought alone. Gordon wrestled valiantly. Fodder limped to the ring to help his partner. Fodder whacked La Rebelion with his kendo stick, but the referee did not call for disqualification. The ref focused on ejecting Angelina Love. Vampiro!!! Vampiro entered as a surprise to help La Rebelion. Mecha Wolf finished with a frog splash on Gordon. La Rebelion didn’t trust Vampiro, so the big question as the show closed was Vampiro’s motive. (Full details here.)

That’s a wrap for Night 1. The Crockett Cup tournament continues on Night 2 (results), Sunday, June 4.

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