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The Dark Order may have lost Stu Grayson from the group

The Dark Order may have lost Stu Grayson. No, this isn’t a bit from Being the Elite where they accidentally misplaced Stu. This story is real drama playing out in Ring of Honor.

The Righteous have been trying to recruit Stu to join their ranks. They view the Dark Order as holding him back from his full powers of destruction. Grayson acknowledged they might have a point, so he tagged with Vincent and Dutch as a one-time opportunity to earn his interest.

One time turned into two times thanks to the Dark Order. Stu and Uno argued about the Dark Order going soft. Grayson wished he could knock some sense into them. The Righteous barged in, then John Silver proposed a trios match. Grayson was shocked and muttered, “No, I don’t want that.” Unfortunately, his concern was brushed aside, and the match was made.

Stu Grayson, Vincent, & Dutch wrestled Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, & John Silver on ROH TV. Vincent and Uno started the match. Uno popped Vincent in the kisser right onto his ass. Vincent quickly tagged in Grayson. Uno didn’t want to engage against his friend. Stu demanded that Uno punch him. When Uno declined, Stu hit him.

Silver was game for fisticuffs. The Dark Order picked up steam on the Righteous until Dutch slammed Reynolds on the floor.

The Righteous isolated Reynolds. Grayson wasn’t holding back in his attacks. That eventually led to a hot tag moment when Reynolds hit a pop-up knee strike sending Stu out of the ring. The Dark Order was running wild on the Vincent and Dutch. Silver executed a muscleman German suplex on the larger foe.

After Dutch landed a cannonball onto Reynolds and Silver outside, the story came back to Stu versus Uno. Grayson demanded Uno hit him. Uno declined once again. Grayson shoved his friend, then Uno finally exploded with a lariat. Uno pounded punches in the corner. Stu was down on the mat. Uno was reluctant to continue, so Stu yelled for Uno to finish him. Uno set up a piledriver, but Vincent barged in for the save to prevent the move.

Grayson didn’t waste time taking advantage. It wasn’t as easy to follow through as he thought it would be. Grayson lifted Uno in the torture rack for the Nightfall backbreaker, but his expression was one of sorrow. Grayson pulled the trigger, then it was clear he felt regret. Since Grayson didn’t go for the pin, Vincent tagged himself in to take the win.

Afterward, Uno crawled to Stu in hopes of repairing whatever went wrong. Stu walked away to exit alongside the Righteous.

This match was really engaging storytelling. The relationship between Stu and Uno spans over twenty years, and it showed when neither man could comfortably attack the other. Stu is not officially with the Righteous, but the Dark Order may drive him into Vincent’s arms if they don’t get their act together. Stu wants lions by his side, not lambs.

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