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ROH TV recap & reactions (June 1, 2023): The war rages on between Athena and Kiera Hogan

Week fourteen in the ROH TV revival (June 1, 2023) featured three title fights. Athena looked to make a statement against Kiera Hogan, Katsuyori Shibata looked to teach a lesson against Alex Coughlin in teacher versus student, and Zack Sabre Jr. looked to bolster his case as the best TV champion against Rocky Romero.

Athena and Kiera Hogan battled in the main event for the ROH Women’s World Championship. Athena unleashed her aggression at the opening bell. She dominated the majority of the match by focusing damage on Hogan’s shoulder and arm. Hogan rallied for a flying hurricanrana, running hip attacks, kicks, and a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Her arm was too damaged to hook the leg on the cover. Hogan’s arm gave her trouble again on a suplex lift. Athena was able to escape. Hogan grabbed a waistlock, but Athena snatched the ropes to prevent a roll-up. Athena sat down on the move to stack Hogan for the win. It must be noted that Athena grabbed the tights to secure the pinfall.

Athena won that battle, but the war isn’t over. Hogan was angry at the cheating, so she rammed Athena into the barricade. A melee broke out with innocent security guards getting walloped upside the head. This feels like a rematch is in the making.

The ROH Pure Championship bout was teacher versus student as Katsuyori Shibata put the title on the line against Alex Coughlin. Jerry Lynn, Madison Rayne, and BJ Whitmer were judges in the case of a draw. Shibata schooled his protege early. Coughlin used all three of his rope-breaks to escape an armbreaker, a triangle choke, and a cobra twist.

Coughlin rallied with impressive power to escape a leg lock and transition to a dead lift vertical suplex from a seated position. Coughlin unloaded a variety of suplexes, but he couldn’t keep Shiabata down for the three-count. Shibata escaped a suplex to counter for a sleeper. Coughlin faded fast. Shibata released to finish with a running penalty kick. Respect was shared between teacher and student in the aftermath

NJPW TV champ Zack Sabre Jr. was in action, but first he shared an interview with ROH TV champ Samoa Joe. Samoan Joseph admitted that it was fun teaming together last week. Joe took credit for the win due to his superior skill and athletic prowess. In his mind, it was very clear who was the better TV champion. The argument was a little foggy in Sabre’s mind, so Joe offered to make it crystal clear.

Zack Sabre Jr. competed against Rocky Romero for the NJPW World Television Championship. It was a chess match of technique. Both men had strategical answers to escape precarious positions. The finish came down to a very cool chain wrestling exchange. Sabre trapped Romero in a body lock sleeper. Romero loosened the grip, and they rolled on the mat working for position. Romero snatched an armbar, but Sabre locked his hands to prevent extension. The champ rolled Romero into a calf slicer, then he kept advancing movement into an ankle lock then a stretch submission for victory. It was an impressive finish.

ROH TV quick results:

The Kingdom defeated The Infantry. Maria Kanellis interfered on Shawn Dean, then the Kingdom pounced for the Proton Pack to win.

Skye Blue defeated Trish Adora. Blue rallied for a Code Red. Adora kicked out, so Blue transitioned to a few roll-ups then popped up for the Sky Fall to win.

The Righteous & Stu Grayson defeated Dark Order. The story was Evil Uno reluctant to fight his friend. The match came down to a showdown between Uno and Stu. Uno hesitated on a piledriver, and Vincent made the save to prevent the move. Grayson seized the moment for the torture rack backbreaker. Even though Grayson hit the move clean, there was hesitation in his face then regret in his eyes afterward. Stu stood frozen not going for the pin, so Vincent tagged in to take the win. Stu exited alongside the Righteous. (Full details here.)

Diamante defeated Promise Braxton. Rugged win closed out with a straitjacket choke.

Brian Cage defeated Willie Mack. After a German suplex exchange and a double clothesline, both men were down. Mack was quicker to the draw for a stunner. Mack followed for a frog splash, but he was too slow on the cover. Cage went into overdrive with a pumphandle slam and a discus lariat for victory.

Action Andretti & Darius Martin defeated the Workhorsemen. JD Drake and Anthony Henry were the more polished unit, but they couldn’t overcome the explosive offense of Andretti and Martin. The babyfaces used a double-team pendulum slam to pin Henry.

Kip Sabian, Butcher, & Blade defeated Shogun, Bryce Saturn, & Jakob Austin Young. The mercenaries mauled their opponent to win via teamwork neckbreaker.

Hijo del Vikingo, Komander, & Bandido defeated Angelico, Serpentico, & Jack Cartwheel. Wild luchador action. Bandido took out Serpentico and the interfering Luther on a suicide dive. Komander did his rope-walking magic to leap onto Angelico. Vikingo countered Cartwheel for a super poison rana. The AAA mega champ finished with a 630 senton.

This was a pretty darn good episode inside the ring. About half the matches are worth checking out. The top of the watchlist goes to the three title matches and the Dark Order collision. My personal favorite was Katsuyori Shibata versus Alex Coughlin. Shibata’s technical skills were excellent, and Coughlin’s power game took the contest to a higher level of excitement. That match was an absolute treat. Zack Sabre Jr. versus Rocky Romero was a slick game of chess. Athena destroyed Kiera Hogan for much of the bout, but the post-match skirmish is what makes it stand out. The Righteous & Stu Grayson versus the Dark Order was excellent storytelling in the fragile tug of war over Stu’s best interests.

If you have the time, a lot of undercard contests delivered excitement. It was fun seeing Brian Cage and Willie Mack revisit their Lucha Underground rivalry. Cage and Mack definitely fall into the ‘fight forever’ category as opponents. Hijo del Vikingo, Komander, Bandido, and Jack Cartwheel surpassed the amazing athleticism quota. Skye Blue and Trish Adora had a competitive duel. Adora is a prospect many will agree should get more opportunity.

Share your thoughts on the latest ROH TV episode. Who were the standout performers?

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