Cocaine & Wrestling

I consider CSS the best damn wrestling community on the web. All of you are family to me.... so please don't let my wrestling opinions take away from the seriousness here.

Thankfully in modern times, drug abuse in wrestling is more frowned upon.. but that does not help the glamorization of past stars. I understand why it's nice to reminisce about days when coke use was fun or another day at the office. I've been there. I was hooked, but thank God I went to rehab for it.

Sadly, a new drug Fentanyl has made its way into many batches of cocaine and other drugs. I know many of you know better, but for some that may be struggling.. please hear me. I just lost a friend to a bad batch. The second friend in two years.

I can't tell anyone what to do, but I just hope anyone that reads this that may even consider trying.. please don't. There's no glamor anymore, only pain.

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