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Dan Lambert, Shane Taylor, and Wale are ruled out as mystery financial backers in MLW story

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Everyone loves a mystery, and this latest guessing game involves someone with deep pockets forking out cash in MLW.

Rumors have been flying in the world of MLW about the secret identity of the financial backer for the Alex Kane’s Bomaye Fight Club. Speculation pointed to Dan Lambert, Shane Taylor, and Wale. MLW analyzed those options in an official exposé during MLW Fusion.

Lambert negotiated Kane’s first MLW deal in 2021, but they had a falling out. Lambert has been known to mend fences for the sake of making a buck. Taylor has shown he is capable of forming fight teams as the CEO of Shane Taylor Promotions. Wale has deep ties to MLW partnering in WaleMania and has been spotted chilling with Kane in night clubs.

MLW broke the news that neither Lambert, Taylor, or Wale are behind Bomaye Fight Club. So, who could it be?

The good news is we won’t have to wait long for an answer. Kane said the mystery person will be revealed for his MLW World Heavyweight Championship bout against Alexander Hammerstone at Never Say Never on July 8. That event will be streaming live as part of the Fite+ package.

I’ll take a stab at making some guesses, but I have zero confidence. I haven’t noticed any blatant hints to make it obvious. Kane started saying Bomaye is for the people, so perhaps that could be a clue.

First on the list would be the usual cadre of characters that form factions in MLW. Cesar Duran (alias Dario Cueto) has been kidnapped. Never look past Duran pulling a fast one, but he’s not likely to be the answer. Konnan has more of a street style in his groups, so he doesn’t seem like a fit. Colonel Robert Parker as the reveal would make me laugh. He would have nothing in common with Bomaye. Now, here’s an interesting option. What about the return of Salina de la Renta? That is if she wasn’t already beheaded for stealing from Duran. Salina has guided her group to championships in the past.

MLW is putting effort into hyping this secret, so it should be someone that pops the crowd. Ernest “The Cat” Miller has sizzle, although, his fighting style is different from the Suplex Assassin. Teddy Long would be fun, playa. MLW likes crossing over with hip hop. What if Master P returned to professional wrestling?

Who is your guess to be revealed as the financial backer behind Bomaye Fight Club?

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