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Mercedes Moné sends some guys to kill Tyrese in trailer for new movie

Quiver Distribution’s YouTube

She’s currently sidelined with a leg injury, and her rumored spot in a Spiderverse movie with Bad Bunny is on hold* due to Hollywood’s refusal to adjust their contracts with writers for the realities of the streaming world (among other issues being disputed in the current WGA strike).

But Mercedes Moné (real name Mercedes Varnado, fka WWE’s Sasha Banks) does have something coming out this summer, and the new trailer for the independent action film The Collective dropped this week.

We only get a couple glimpses of Mercedes in action during this less than two minute peak at the flick, in which the former WWE & New Japan women’s champ is playing a “blade wielding company pit-bull”. We can hear Moné telling her evil human trafficking bosses Paul Ben-Victor & Ruby Rose that she can “send some guys” to take out Tyrese Gibson & Lucas Till of Don Johnson’s titular “mysterious agency of assassins”.

Whether this flick is any good or not, we can at least be grateful that Mercedes work in movies & television got her membership in the Screen Actor’s Guild... which gives her access to the health insurance that wrestling doesn’t provide.

The Collective will be available in theaters, on demand and digital on Aug. 4.

* At least, there are reports the most streamed artist in the world has dropped out of El Muerto altogether.

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