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Athena and Kiera Hogan get hardcore in ROH Chicago street fight

The bad blood between Athena and Kiera Hogan has escalated to a boiling point, and there is only one way to settle this feud. Chicago street fight! Thankfully, ROH TV was taped in Chicago, so the match stipulation made perfect sense. It was a hard-hitting, violent affair with tables, ladders, chairs, trashcans, kendo sticks, and thumbtacks.

The ROH Women’s World Championship was on the line. Ring the bell!

The entire match was aggressive, but action really picked up with a kendo stick fight on the outside. Athena went crazy to win that little battle. Hogan came back to set up Athena on a table on the outside. Hogan landed a leaping splash off the ring steps. The table didn’t break, so the fans chanted for one more try. Hogan obliged and went higher for a flying splash off the turnbuckles. Success! The table was broken.

Inside the ring, Athena blocked a hurricanrana off the turnbuckles to counter with a super powerbomb through a table.

Athena emptied a sack of tacks on the mat, but her tactic backfired when Hogan hit a back suplex onto the foreign objects.

Hogan was in control and used her hair braids to choke Athena. Hogan backed up climbing the corner for leverage. Athena gouged the eyes and stunned Hogan. The Fallen Goddess executed a superplex onto a stack of open chairs on the floor. All aboard the pain train.

Athena rolled Hogan’s body into the ring for the winning pin to retain the ROH women’s championship.

Backstage, Athena was not content in victory. Nobody was there to offer congratulations to the champion. She just showed she is the best in the business, and where are her flowers? It is time for the women’s division to recognize her dominance. Step up or step out.

The Chicago street fight was a fitting finish to this feud. Commentary wondered aloud who could possibly dethrone Athena as champ. The brings up a good question. There really isn’t anyone waiting in the wings as an obvious candidate. ROH doesn’t have a storied history in women’s wrestling to pluck a name from the past. ROH TV hasn’t built up any challengers. Grabbing a wrestler from AEW or Stardom could be a solution, but it definitely needs a proper story to create maximum emotion if the title changes hands. Until that happens, long reign the Fallen Goddess.

What was your reaction to the Chicago street fight between Athena and Kiera Hogan? Who would you like to see challenge Athena for the ROH Women’s World Championship?

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