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April Mendez (fka AJ Lee) has ‘been bulking’, but she’s still retired

Earlier this week, April Mendez — who many wrestling fans will forever think of as three-time WWE Divas champion AJ Lee no matter how many bestselling memoirs she writes, screenplays & comic books she pens, and women’s wrestling promotions she helps Jeannie Buss run — posted this to her Instagram:

“been bulking”

Mendez would later explain the gains were the result of developing a fitness program that works for her and using it for the past year. It’s helped her avoid the sacrifices, aches & pains she’s experienced using other systems, and therefore to stick with it. She encouraged her followers to do the same.

Despite that, the posts led to some speculation that she might be looking to do more than just work in creative and provide commentary for WOW. So her latest IG today (June 23) includes a caption that’s hard to misinterpret.

“retired athlete”

AJ (see, told ya) has shared about the lingering effects professional wrestling had on her physically, and aside from the occasional obligatory “never say never”, has maintained her days in the squared circle are behind her.

Not counting a guest starring role along with her husband Phil Brooks — who wrestling fans definitely will always think of as CM Punk — on the second season of Stephen Amell’s pro wrestling drama Heels, of course. Which in addition to just good health, may have been a factor in Mendez’s decision to get buff af.

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