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Two wrestling shows are on the Emmy ballot, but not the ones fans have been lobbying for

Head to Twitter — or pretty much anywhere there’s conversation about pro wrestling — after a big Bloodline angle on a SmackDown or a WWE premium live event, and you’ll see messages like these:

While some of those folks are probably more serious than others, Roman Reigns, The Usos (and as you can see, in this discussion it’s usually Jey whose singled out), Paul Heyman, Sami Zayn, Michael Cole and the entire WWE production team have done great work in an extremely popular angle. WWE’s (unsuccessfully) sought the Television Academy’s attention before. So maybe this is year?

Nope. The ballot for 2023 Emmy nominations is out, and there no mention of WWE or its Superstars anywhere on it. But that doesn’t mean wrestling is completely shut out.

Among the 37 shows voters can pick for an “Outstanding Structured Reality Program” Emmy nom, there’s this one:

AEW: Dynamite
Features professional wrestlers showcasing their incredible athleticism, charisma and creativity in front of raucous crowds every Wednesday night from different cities across the US, Canada and UK

And listed with 44 others for an “Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program” nomination is this one:

AEW: All Access
Showcases AEW’s stars as they navigate the week-to-week challenges to remain at the top and track the rivalries between talent as they vie for fans’ attention. Viewers can follow the contentious lead-up to AEW’s major wrestling events and matches.

What does it mean? That AEW & Warner Bros Discovery submitted those shows to the Academy, while WWE, NBCUniversal and FOX didn’t do the same for theirs. And I’m not an industry insider or anything, but I’d put pretty long odds on All Access or Dynamite getting a nomination when those are announced on July 12, let alone collecting a trophy when the Primetime Emmys are handed out on Sept. 18.

But we’re guessing that won’t stop folks from overreacting on Twitter — or pretty much anywhere there’s conversation about pro wrestling.

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