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MLW Fusion recap: Tijuana hangover

MLW Fusion (episode 167) returned to Mexico for the Super Series.

The opening scene was a Tijuana hangover for the Second Gear Crew after a night out on the town. Mance Warner woke up hugging his boot in bed. Ole Mancer rallied the boys to get moving. Matthew Justice and One Called Manders couldn’t find Microman. The mini luchador was hidden in the corner with a giant bra on his head. It was a wild night. SGC were in a hurry for more beer on the way to the border.

That scene was a hoot. As far as I was concerned, the show couldn’t top that. There were a few matches though that flashed with style.

John Hennigan, Sam Adonis, & Gringo Loco wrestled Rey Horus, Psycho Clown, and Hijo del Vikingo in the main event. The flow mostly split off into three pairs as Hennigan focused on Horus, Adonis battled bitter rival Psycho, and Gringo tried to show up Vikingo. The atmosphere was chaotic with fans throwing beer and trash at Johnny. Even the crooked referee joined the fight helping the rudos tenderize their opponents.

Vikingo is a human highlight reel, and he did not disappoint. The AAA mega champion stood on top of the ring post to leap for a springboard flipping to a slingshot double arm drag.

Horus got in on the fun with a springboard sault DDT to Hennigan. Horus had another cool move by leaping over the turnbuckles for a flying cannonball to the outside.

The finish came down to Adonis and Psycho. The playboy missed a flipping senton, and the clown capitalized with a Code Red for victory.

Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf took on Abismo Negro Jr. & Taurus in the opener. La Rebelion entered wearing the NWA World Tag Team Championship belts. La Rebelion used smart teamwork en route to victory. Mecha Wolf dumped Taurus from the ring. Mecha Wolf lifted Abismo high atop his shoulders, then Bestia jumped from the turnbuckles for a doomsday backcracker. Mecha Wolf hit a suicide dive on Taurus, while Bestia pinned Abismo.

Taya Valkyrie was supposed to defend the MLW Women’s World Featherweight Championship against Delmi Exo for the third match on the broadcast, but it was alleged that La Wera Loca called in favors to corrupt lucha libre officials to postpone the bout. MLW announced that Exo will get her shot in two weeks time on Fusion.

Taya’s hubby also has a title defense lined up. The Lucha Azteca trio stumbled upon Willie Mack selling Cesar Duran’s possessions at the merch table. Mack claimed he found it in a box in the alley.

Mack offered information about Duran’s whereabouts that he heard through the grapevine, but he demanded compensation for the tip. Mack wanted a shot at Johnny’s MLW National Openweight Championship. Johnny agreed, however, Mack is no fool. He will wait until after that match to pass on the details. Johnny versus Mack goes down next week on Fusion.

Jacob Fatu also has his eye on the openweight title, but his immediate attention is on The Calling. It toke four men to put Fatu down. That attack woke him up. Fatu will never let that happen again.

The Never Say Never control center announced two bits of news. The Samoan Swat Team will defend the MLW tag titles against The Calling, and Timothy Thatcher will make his return. One gossip item going around for the show is in regard to Bomaye Fight Club. Kane said the world will find out who is bankrolling Bomaye live in the PPV, July 8 on Fite+.

This was a simple edition of Fusion without much to digest. There were a couple of matches to enjoy the lucha libre experience, but there isn’t any deep story movement at the moment. The main event is worth watching to see the wild crowd reactions to the rudos. Once again, MLW used fresh promo scenes to bridge the gap for what is to come.

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