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It sounds like Bandido is done with AAA

Another main event luchador appears to be done with AAA. Bandido is on the outs.

Luchablog and Dave Meltzer have reported on the news. The story goes that AAA does not allow luchadores to wrestle for The Crash, since AAA started a relationship with EMW. The Crash and EMW both operate in Tijuana as competing local promotions. The catalyst for that decision by AAA is Konnan’s shift from The Crash to EMW. Bandido went against that rule to wrestle for The Crash on June 2, thus the news that Bandido is no longer with AAA.

For those wondering if this frees up Bandido to compete at AEW’s Forbidden Door PPV due to the complicated relationships between AAA, AEW, CMLL, and NPW, Luchablog pointed out that Bandido has a booking with Big Lucha on that same date, June 25.

Bandido wasn’t involved in any AAA storylines, so his future absence shouldn’t affect the current direction of their product.

This news comes on the heels of Rush parting ways with AAA and pulling out of a major match for Triplemania XXXI Tijuana. Bandido was not booked for that card.

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