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Rush pulls out of major AAA Triplemania match, declares independent status in Mexico

The world of lucha libre can feel absurd at times, and this is such a case. Rush was scheduled for a major match at Triplemania XXXI Tijuana, and now that bout appears to be canceled.

AAA has been running the Guerra de Rivalidades as the feature attraction spanning across the three Triplemania events in 2023. The concept is rival luchadores being forced into a tag team with the losers competing in a mask versus mask (or hair) in the finale at Triplemania XXXI Mexico City on August 12.

The first stage occurred at Triplemania XXXI Monterrey on April 16. Pentagon Jr. & Alberto Del Rio defeated Psycho Clown & Sam Adonis, and Blue Demon Jr. & DMT Azul defeated LA Park & Rush.

That meant the co-main event in Tijuana was Psycho Clown & Sam Adonis versus LA Park & Rush. This match had major appeal on both ends. Psycho Clown and Sam Adonis have the hottest feud on AAA television, and it deserves a mask versus hair blow-off. On the other side, LA Park versus Rush in mask versus hair is the biggest match to be made in lucha libre today period, and it is not even close. All four luchadores vowed to lose in order to get that marquee match, so drama was hot in how the action would unfold in Tijuana. According to recent news from Rush, we may not get to find out.

Rush announced his free agent status in Mexico from AAA. (El Toro Blanco is still signed with AEW.) He broke the news on Facebook and also shared it on Twitter.

Rush and his father, Bestia del Ring, are out of AAA and are totally independent in lucha libre. Rush sent a message to his rival, LA Park. They don’t need a roulette or any other gimmicks. The fans aren’t stupid. Once a real promoter puts up the contract for mask versus hair, he will sign it.

Basically, it sounds like Rush is ready, willing, and able when the money is right. LA Park has echoed a similar sentiment when various attempts at making this match have fallen through for whatever reason over the years.

LA Park shared a response on Twitter. I’m not hip to memes in English, let alone Spanish. The clip seems pretty clear that he is mocking Rush. The idea is fans being jilted by Rush.

Rush pulling out appears to foreshadow the result of the match in Tijuana. If AAA’s original intent was to push LA Park and Rush to the mask versus hair finale, then this drama would likely not have taken place. No matter who the replacement for Rush is, it feels safe to assume that Psycho Clown & Sam Adonis will be losing.

And maybe AAA tried negotiating an audible. LA Park wasn’t even in the plans for the original tournament, at least not publicly. Pagano was initially announced as Rush’s partner, but Pagano was pulled due to injury. LA Park filled in as his replacement. It is possible that AAA decided to investigate financial terms for LA Park versus Rush, and that discussion did not end well. Whatever the case, it does not make AAA look good to lose a marquee match on one of their biggest shows of the year.

If you are looking for a USA wrestling comparison, this is equal to peak LOLTNA malarkey.

On the bright side, the headliner for Triplemania XXXI Tijuana (full card) is still intact for Hijo del Vikingo to defend the AAA Megacampeonato against Kenny Omega.

And while we’re squeezing lemons into lemonade, this now frees Rush up as a potential candidate to reach the finals of the Owen Hart memorial tournament airing on AEW Collision on July 15 in Calgary. That is if Rush is even in the tournament.

As for the rest of the Muñoz family in regard to AAA, Dragon Lee and Dralistico (brothers to Rush, sons of Bestia del Ring) won the AAA tag titles in December 2022, then Dragon Lee promptly announced his signing to WWE/NXT. Since relinquishing the belts, Dralistico has had one match in AAA this year, and he does not appear on any advertising for future shows.

Do you think we will ever get LA Park versus Rush in mask versus hair?

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