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This is what happens when you cut Becky Lynch’s mic

The Man came back around on Raw last night (May 9), getting a measure of revenge against Trish Stratus for turning on her after they dropped the WWE Women’s Tag titles last month.

It also seemed like Becky Lynch might have a few things to say... perhaps about Stratus’ promo where she talked some trash about Lynch & Seth Rollins’ daughter Roux. But before Becky could say more than a few lines, she was cut off by her theme song playing on the arena’s loud speakers.

Well, The Man wasn’t gonna let the Hall of Famer talk about her kiddo like that...

... she also has proof to refute one of Trish’s disses...

But Stratus gets off light compared to poor WWE production guy who cut Bex off. Lynch posted this definitely legit clip of her marching backstage in Jacksonville, Florida to deal with that dude.

Cut The Man’s mic, get forearmed in the chest so hard you pass out.

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