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NWA Roundup: EC3 title defense, Hollywood Blondes debut, more!

Let’s check in on the National Wrestling Alliance.

The latest edition of NWA Powerrr featured Kamille being taken to a time-limit draw, EC3 in title action, and the debut of the Hollywood Blondes.

Kamille kicked off the show in the ring wondering aloud who can beat her for the NWA Women’s World Championship. Daisy Kill interrupted with a song and a tiny guitar. He hyped Natalia Markova as a bombshell who will give her hell. Kamile wasn’t scared and agreed to a match that same night.

Kamille wrestled Markova in a non-title bout for the main event. It was a competitive contest with physicality on the outside. Markova went for her spinning head kick finisher in the corner, but Kamille caught the boot to shove Markova down for a leg drop. Markova chop-blocked the knee and applied a wicked submission. Kamille was unable to escape and dangerously close to losing, but the clock expired for a ten-minute time-limit draw. This feels like the story will continue with a future title shot at the NWA Women’s World Championship.

NWA Powerrr

EC3 defended the NWA National Heavyweight Championship against Carnage. Aron Stevens was ringside to support his masked compadre. EC3 is an impressive specimen of a man, as noted by Joe Galli, but Carnage was stronger. After a powerslam by Carnage, EC3 rallied with offense. Carnage pulled EC3 into the ropes to tumble outside. Stevens went for a loaded-glove punch, but he hit the ring post when EC3 ducked. Back in the ring, Carnage collided into the empty corner on a running splash. EC3 snatched his opponent for The Purpose submission.

The Hollywood Blondes debuted in the NWA. Following the legacy of Buddy Roberts & Jerry Brown, Rip Rogers & Ted Oates, Dusty Wolfe & Ken Timbs, and Steve Austin & Brian Pillman, the moniker was being used by Ray Lyn and Heather Monroe.

Heather Monroe

The Hollywood Blondes were welcomed with a tag title match against Missa Kate and Madi Wrenkowski. The Blondes worked smooth early with slick tags and tandem moves. The champs worked to isolate Lyn. Hot tag to Monroe running wild. Kate and Madi regrouped for a double vertical suplex to Monroe, but Lyn entered the ring to block the maneuver and set up a dropkick to flatliner combo on Madi. Kate made the save on the pinfall. Kate was the game-changer in the end. She landed a head kick to knock Lyn out of the ring, then a head kick to Monroe cleared the path for Madi to win on an axe kick. The champs retained the NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Tyrus broke the news that Chris Adonis will be his partner for the Crockett Cup tag team tournament. (Full details here.) Adonis wasn’t in the mood to discuss this arrangement, since he had a match against Cyon. Adonis benefit from a breakdown in communication between Cyon and Austin Idol. Cyon worked the leg throughout. Adonis rallied to work the back to soften up for the Masterlock submission. Cyon elbowed out before Adonis could lock his fingers on the hold. Cyon hit a slingblade, but he was slow on the cover. After Adonis kicked out, Idol criticized Cyon for the hesitation. Cyon lost his cool to shout at Idol. Adonis took advantage of the distraction to win via roll-up.

On the promo tip, Yabo The Clown will wrestle Rocky Morton on the next episode of Powerrr. He popped a balloon and laughed manically. Ricky spoke about the match as well. He has 45 years in the business and faced some unique opponents. Wrestling Yabo will be another day at the office. As for the Crockett Cup tournament, Ricky recognized that Kerry Morton is getting a big ego thinking he knows it all. Ricky was the same way at Kerry’s age. They better get on the same page for the tournament.

The latest edition of NWA USA featured a pair of Crockett Cup qualifiers.

The Miserably Faithful clashed in the main event as a Crockett Cup qualifier. Sal “The Pal” Rinauro changed his name to Sal Vation, and he was feeling the love. Sal teamed with Gaagz the Gymp against Judais & Max The Impaler managed by Father James Mitchell. The brutes mauled Sal and Gaagz with ease. They snuffed out a rally to finish on a slam from Max to Gaagz.

Rolando Freeman & Eric Jackson competed against the Spectaculars in the opener as a Crockett Cup qualifier. Homicide was the special guest referee. Rolando wanted to teach Rush Freeman what it takes to win, and he smacked Rush around in the corner. As the match progressed, Rolando was running wild on the Spectaculars. Homicide warned Rolando for the corner break. Rolando shoved Homicide, so Homicide shoved Rolando back. Rolando apologized. When Rolando climbed the turnbuckles for some high-flying, Homicide blocked his path then shoved Rolando’s legs out. Brady Pierce ran over to slam Rolando down to the mat for the win.

In other action, Angelina Love defeated Kylie Paige. The rookie had momentum, but the veteran turned the tide with a pump kick for victory.

The Crockett Cup event is scheduled for June 3 and June 4 in Winston-Salem, NC. Tickets are currently available for purchase.

The last bit of news is in regard to the health of BLK Jeez. The Church’s Money manager has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer. Well wishes to Jeez for a healthy recovery.

Share your thoughts on all the happenings from the NWA.

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