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ROH is giving us the ‘singles match that everybody wants to see’

ROH is giving the people what they want, allegedly. I mean they are delivering a match, but I’m not so sure it is one that everybody wants to see, as was suggested. The contest in question is Skye Blue versus Athena for the ROH Women’s World Championship for next week. The story unfolded on episode 10 of ROH TV.

Athena was in action early in the broadcast for a Proving Ground match against Angelica Risk. The underdog’s momentum was stifled when Athena caught a flying crossbody to counter for a series of steamrollers. That sequence led to a crossface submission for victory. Afterward, the champ sent a message to Blue by using the Sky Fall finisher to Risk onto the title belt.

Blue was tired of Athena’s disrespect and bullying, so she proposed, “a singles match that everybody wants to see,” for the ROH women’s title.

Later in the show, Athena retorted with a snort of laughter. The champ clarified that Blue is not worthy to stand in the ring with her, but she will accept the challenge. Even though Blue has been coasting on her sex appeal, that doesn’t mean she is worthy of this opportunity.

This promo is amusing to watch for Athena referring to Dasha Gonzalez as Lexy (Nair). When corrected by Dasha, Athena was adamant and took over the interview.

Blue had a match as well to warm up for next week’s challenge. Robyn Renegade was aggressive, but Blue rallied for victory. Blue worked for the Sky Fall several times and finally hit it to win.

The stage is set for Athena to defend the ROH Women’s Championship against Skye Blue. This match is an example of what the new era of ROH TV is all about. Blue has worked hard to improve, and now she is being rewarded with a little storyline, some promo time, and a title shot.

What’s your level of interest in this championship contest?

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