Is Kevin Owens propensity to break the 4th wall effective?

I returned from a multi week sabbatical from wrestling and wrestling sites to watch NOC, and then decided to watch Raw halfway through the third quarter of the Heat/Celtics game (because NOC was great, and the Celtics were making a run I just couldn't emotionally stomach).

I've commented many times about a specific pet peeve of mine over the past 3 years... Kevin Owens breaking the 4th wall and condescendingly/dismissively calling attention to wrestling tropes, and specific beats. First Raw I've watched since the 2nd one after Wrestlemania, and Owens, after a big win/angle beating the Roman/Solo the night before, during a celebratory promo, has to rant about how Imperium's interruption didn't quite match the repetitive, uninteresting, tired, formula, and then saying they should just get over with the obvious, beat to death, boring brawl they would have. Thanks for reminding me that I should only watch PLEs because these shows are so meaningless and predictable. Dang, why doesn't Gunther tell his lackeys this is all so scripted? Maybe Gunther is just a goof acting for a paycheck that I shouldn't suspend disbelief for because then I'll be one of the dumb sheep instead of an elitist apathetic guy like KO.

Why hasn't KO announced Sami to the crowd in an exhausted fashion "oh we are only arguing because this is the part that I turn on you because I'm jealous of your success and because we have done it a billion timea before and everyone is expecting this" yet?

KO has committed to kayfabe and told emotional stories before! Why keep coming back to this schtick? A satirical two hour parody movie calling attention to how unoriginal and formulaic movies can be (like the scary movie franchise) is fun. But a weekly show probably shouldn't outright remind its audience how unsatisfyingly, go through the motions, phony it is.

Who benefits from or enjoys when KO breaks the fourth wall?

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