The Nightly: May 29th, 2023

Hello Nightly!!!

Tonight it’s a double feature as we take a look at The Great Mouse Detective and Oliver & Company.

The Great Mouse Detective is easily one of Disney’s most underrated films. Even though it did well critically and commercially, and helped Disney out of a bit of a slump post Black Cauldron, it doesn’t seem like this film gets enough attention. It’s a great mystery movie, with a movie stealing performance by Vincent Price as the villain, and it has a really likable and intelligent main character. I really wish this had gotten a sequel or at least a TV series, this is one of Disney’s finest.

Oliver & Company is just okay. There’s things I like about it, the art style and how they depict New York is great, and some of the performances, particularly from Bette Midler and Cheech Marin are great, and Robert Loggia (How do you spell his name? R, for Rob- oh forget it) plays a solid villain. But the story is just okay, and the whole vibe of the film just comes off as trying a bit too hard to be modern and hip, with the setting being modern day and Billy Joel as one of the main characters. Then again, there’s been other Disney properties that have done exactly that and been much worse (Quack Pack, anyone?). Thankfully it doesn’t overdo it, but does feel a touch out of place. But overall, the movie is decent, but lacks the fun and energy of something like The Great Mouse Detective.

On to the Nightly.

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