Erick Redbeard, Ryan Nemeth, Aron Stevens & JR Kratos featured in Season 3 of I think You Should Leave

Amidst all the crazyness of this last week-end (anarchy in an arena? a rap song about cuckholding? something something the Bloodline?), it was easy to pass over the trailer of the newest season of comedian Tim Robinson's I Think You Should Leave on Netflix featuring the likes of Erick Redbeard (fka Erick Rowan), Ryan Nemeth, Aron Stevens (fka Damian Sandow) and JR Kratos.

Faithful watchers of I Think You Should Leave will also know that this isn't the first time the show had wrestlers featured as season 2 also had AEW's current trios champion Brody King (in what was personally my favorite sketch).

The trailer can be seen below, for the curious of minds:

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Have you seen this show before? What was your favorite sketch? Please help me waste my time at work before I go back home.

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