The bloodline is about to flatline. Or is it?

Let me start off by saying that regardless of how you feel about Roman Reigns, 1000 days as champion is an amazing feat. Something that hasn’t be done in the modern era. And I don’t think we’ll see anything like it ever again. So following night of champions it appears that the island of revelancy is starting to erupt like mount vesuvious. Or is it? Now obviously jimmy finally having enough of Roman’s bull crap is a huge event in this 3 year saga. So the question is this: where do we go from here? Now obviously it looks like we are headed towards jimmy vs Roman at money in the bank. But where do Jeys loyalty lie? Is it with his brother jimmy or is it with solo and the tribal chief? Now I can see this going either way. But I feel like Jey will stand with Jimmy. After all he turned on Sami and said " you think I’d choose you over my own brother." So after Roman loses his cousins will this finally spell the end for the tribal chiefs historic run. I also think the key to this question is where will solo stand? And with just solo will Roman survive or drown. I think the shelf life on the bloodline will ultimately hinge on what happens at money in the bank and who wins it? So again I close this by asking; has the blood line flatlined or is it just on life support waiting for a new heart.

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