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Samoa Joe & Zack Sabre Jr. compete for bragging rights of the best TV champion

Samoa Joe is the current ROH TV champion, and Zack Sabre Jr. is the current NJPW TV champion. Both claim to be the best TV champ in the business. Seeds have been planted for a possible showdown, but that is off in the future for another day. What we did receive was Joe and Sabre teaming together for a bit of bragging rights in the main event of ROH TV episode 13.

The TV champs were scheduled to wrestle Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal. The contest had an extra wrinkle. If CD or Sydal were able to beat one of the champs to win the tag match, then the winner would receive a future TV title shot at the loser’s belt.

Daniels was bringing endless intelligence, and Sydal was supplying explosive offense. The duo were confident of success.

Sabre viewed this match as an opportunity to show why he has made the NJPW World Television Championship the top TV title in wrestling. Joe explained that he only took this match to see up close what Sabre is capable of in the ring.

Sabre and Sydal started the contest. Sydal got the better of Sabre on the mat, so Joe tagged himself in much to the disapproval of Sabre. Daniels and Sydal used their quickness to frustrate the TV champs. Joe and Sabre worked together on referee distractions to attack with cheap shots and take control of the action.

Joe and Sabre isolated Daniels. The champs took turns playing mind games with each other as they tenderized CD with submissions. Daniels eventually created space on an STO to Joe for the hot tag to Sydal. Sydal landed a meteora on Joe, and Sabre made the save on the cover.

The match progressed into a double submission. Sydal trapped Sabre in a crossface. When Joe went for the save, Daniels took him down for a Koji clutch. Sabre made it to the ropes for the break as the legal man, while Daniels nearly choked Joe into unconsciousness.


Sydal climbed the corner. Sabre sprang up for a submission on the turnbuckles. Daniels came in underneath for a double-team meteora powerbomb. Sabre kicked out on the cover.

The match broke down into chaos. Daniels hit the Angel’s Wings on Sabre, but the NJPW TV champ was not the legal man. Daniels then ran into a powerful uranage from Joe. The ROH TV champ applied a sleeper to choke out CD for the win.

Joe earned this round of bragging rights over Sabre by picking up the victory. Joe and Sabre shook hands in respect, but the competitive rivalry is not over.


Who do you favor as the top TV champion in the business?

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