PWI 500 Tournament - 1991 (Interest?)

So I've made a handful of posts on various stories posted on CSS, but outside of assisting Metmchef with keeping his Last Man/Woman Standing series going, I've never really tried my hand at making my own post.

I am considering doing a March Madness-style tournament using the top 64 wrestlers from a given year's PWI 500. I would start with the first year it was published (1991) and, if there was interest, do subsequent years.

I designed the bracket for the tournament, which you can find a link to below.

As for voting, I would likely put each round's voting at a week's length. Users would post their winners for each matchup and I would total them at week's end.

With each new round, I would make a new post with an updated bracket.

Obviously, I won't put any more effort into the idea if there isn't interest.

So I'm basically making this post to gauge the interest of the CSS fanbase.


Bracket - Revised

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