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MLW Fusion recap: Taya Valkyrie remains double champ

The season premiere of MLW Fusion (Episode 166) visited Tijuana, Mexico for the Super Series. Taya Valkyrie was featured in the main event defending two championships.

But first, Taya soaked in the atmosphere by sipping Modelo beers with hubby John Hennigan and playboy Sam Adonis. The Lucha Azteca trio were still concerned about finding the kidnapped Cesar Duran (alias Dario Cueto), however, they weren’t concerned enough to look for him themselves.

Taya stepped into the ring carrying the MLW World Featherweight Championship and the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship for a four-way fight against La Hiedra, Dalys, and Sexy Star (no, that’s not the same Sexy Star from Lucha Underground). The action played out with turns of one-on-one. The finish came down to Taya and Sexy Star. The challenger executed a fireman’s carry Michinoku driver, but the champ kicked out. Fisticuffs were exchanged, then Taya blasted a big knee to the mush to set up Road to Valhalla for victory.

La Wera Loca remains double champ. The question is for how much longer. Delmi Exo has Taya in her sights.

The other match on the show was a hardcore street fight. Damian 666, Crazy Frank, and Juicy Finau battled in a three-way with kendo sticks, chairs, a staple gun, cookie sheets, a cheese grater, wooden skewers, and an HD television. Los Macizos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo) ran in to help Frank. They slammed Damian off the turnbuckles onto a car hood. Later, the intruders tried for a double suplex on Juicy, but the Tongan countered for a double chokeslam through panes of glass.

Juicy finished Frank with a Samoan drop and a moonsault.

In other news, Alexander Hammerstone will defend the MLW World Heavyweight Championship against Alex Kane at Never Say Never on July 8. Hammerman was confident that he would get past Danny Limelight in the Super Series to rumble with Kane. The world champ warned Kane that the air gets thin at the top of the mountain. Hammer has been on the peak, and he is ready. Kane won’t be ready for the prime moment.

Kane held a press conference to hype Bomaye being for the people. Bomaye is the life blood of MLW, and he will win the top prize.

Jacob Fatu is on the injured list for a minimum of three weeks after the heinous attack from The Calling on the MLW Underground season finale. His title match against Hennigan was canceled on that evening, but Fatu will get his shot at the MLW National Openweight Championship in due time.

The Calling had a strong message for Fatu. They are taking MLW apart piece by piece. Fatu is the first sacrifice on their altar. Trust in Raven.

As for Hennigan, Willie Mack has his eye on Johnny’s championship.

One Called Manders is also ready to chase gold in MLW. He has the cowboy grit, is too stubborn to quit, and has a free spirit running through his veins.

Manders palled around with his Second Gear Crew cohorts, Mance Warner and Matthew Justice. They popped a beer with Microman.

The season premiere of Fusion was a nice taste to get back in the MLW groove. They touched on all the important stories from MLW Underground, so new viewers can jump in with little difficulty. It should be pointed out that Taya is a heel in MLW, but she is a babyface in Mexico. That’s why she received a positive response. Kane’s press conference was a little odd, since the world title bout was already announced. The Super Series was taped a few months ago, and it is clear that MLW spliced in newer promos to keep the story flow intact. Other than that, the show was pretty clear.

Taya took care of business in her match. The action allowed all four to showcase some skills. There wasn’t an epic climax for the finish. They kind of took turns in the ring until it was time for Taya to close. I had my eye on how Taya would match up with Dalys. They didn’t tussle too much, but La Caribeña came out on top in their primary encounter. That was just enough to make me wonder if Dalys has Taya’s number. That is a single match I would like to see, whether in MLW or AAA.

Even though the street fight wasn’t pretty, the big spots were popping at the end. That double chokeslam by Juicy sent shattered glass flying. It was a cool visual. Also cool was Juicy’s moonsault. That is a move nobody should ever kick out of, except maybe a muscled goliath like Hammerstone. Imagine 450 pounds landing on your sternum.

The promos were enjoyable. Hammerstone’s mountain air metaphor was sharp and drove home that being at the top is harder than it looks. It takes a special intangible in character to reach the peak. The Calling continued with their intriguing messages. I like the visual vibe of their promos. Second Gear Crew is a good time. Give them a camera, and let them find adventure.

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