C.M. Punk Will Destroy AEW

Punk didn't help AEW after his first appearance on Rampage. Big ratings for the first week. He didn't put over any young talent besides MJF who only lost when Spears and Wardlow interfered.

Punk wrestled so sloppily at times. He broke 2 bones in different parts of his body in 2 out of his last 3 matches.

This doesn't include his pipe bomb with Tony Khan sitting right next to him.

He is in it for himself and that fat check. Now he has made the Elite not say what happened. Gee, I wonder why he wouldn't want that to come out.

He tried to do the same thing to WWE, and Vince fired him on his wedding day. 1 time I agreed with Vince, and I was on Punk's side then.

Most of the wrestlers who knew him well call him a cancer to the business.

I won't watch whatever show he will be on. I think Khan should have fired him. Nobody else will hire him for that kind of money.

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