Why So Much Hate Here?

Long time reader first time fan poster. I use to really enjoy coming to this website and reading the articles and comments. I've been to many other sites and this one was by far the most positive and inviting. But over the last few weeks/months I just don't enjoy it here anymore. And before the "then why don't you just leave" comments come in, I just wanted to see if anyone felt the same

A bit of some background on me. I am 35 years young and have been watching wrestling on and off for all of my life. I was an attitude era kid telling teachers to suck it and a shocked adult when The Streak ended. Growing up I mainly watched WWF, but also enjoyed WCW whenever I watched. There would be some years in between watching wrestling on the regular, but I always found my way back to it. But the last time I came back it was AEW that got me back in the game. It was the build up to All Out 2021 when I started watching and by the time Bryan Danielson hit the ring I was hooked. Now this is not to say I don't occasionally still watch WWE. I catch an episode of Raw here and there and watched this years WrestleMania. I also read every recap here so I can stay up to speed with what's going on because I like wrestling. I still get some enjoyment out of it, but just prefer AEW. I'm not writing this to tell you one company is better than another; you like what you like and that's what wrestling is all about! What I just can't figure out is the increased blind hate at the mere existence of another company that's been going on lately. I remember in the past clicking on an article about either WWE or AEW and seeing the comment section be filled with people having a normal conversation about whatever the topic was. But now it seems that every AEW article is filled with comments from people who don't even watch and just want to put it down. Many top comments are about how the company is going out of business or that the product is crap. Of course there will always be negativity in a comment section (this is the internet for God's sake!) but it has just been overrun with negativity lately that it's not even worth coming here anymore. The comment section went from a place of discussion to looking like a Facebook/Twitter cesspool. I'm a pretty positive a person ( a positive Pete you might even say) who just likes to read about the thing I love without dozens of people putting me down because they think it sucks. Maybe I am overreacting and being too sensitive, but I never felt that way here in the past and feel like the positives use to outweigh the negatives. This website use to provide me with a pleasant distraction, but now I find it just leave here depressed

In conclusion, I don't really know what I expected to accomplish with this other than I just needed to get it off my chest. A highlight of my day was coming here every morning and enjoying reading about things I like instead of focusing on my job I hate. And I just feel like that experience has been somewhat taken away from me and that sucks. So please continue to watch and enjoy as much (or as little) wrestling as you like, but a little less hate in the world can go a long way. Thank you for reading my first essay I've written since college and hope it was somewhat readable

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